The Tham Khoun Ex cave – Below the surface of Laos

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Jul 062015

Below the surface of Laos: Kayakers capture incredible rock formations and emerald green waters of immense cave system

  • The Tham Khoun Ex cave has 15km of spectacular caves waiting to be explore by kayak
  • Explorers can witness the incredible caverns, lake and even the vibrant forest at the entrance 
  • Cave photographer John Spies captured the labyrinthine chambers to unfold the mystery 

Laos is a popular tourist destination known for its beautiful scenery and ornate temples, however not many people venture below the surface and discover that what is underground is perhaps even more spectacular.

The wondrous Tham Khoun Ex caves are so exquisite they don’t look real at first, which is perhaps why locals believe that spirits inhabit the underground wonderland.

Cave photographer, John Spies, 59, captured the sheer magnificence of the vast, yet intricate, underground wonderland.

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