Stronghold quests

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Feb 122017

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Stronghold Quests

Non-Repeatable Quests

Introductory Quests

Level Quest NPC
4 – 70 The Stronghold The Messenger
4 – 70 Meet the Team The Steward
20 – 70 The Stronghold Routine The Steward
20 – 70 For Love of the Stronghold The Steward

Storyline Quests

As the Guild Hall’s rank increases more storyline quests become available. All storyline quests are level 70.

Quest NPC Guild Hall Rank
Travel with Care The Ranger 1
My Fae Lady Master of Coin 3
What Lurks in the Corners The Cleric 5
Welcome to Homestead The Steward 7
A New Sheriff The Ranger 9
A Steward and His Mimic The Steward 11
Luskan’s History The Cleric 13
The Great Detective The Detective 15
Armed and Ready The Steward 17
A Mother’s Obsession, A Father’s Love The Steward 19


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