Neverwinter Ravenloft Preview: Hunts of Barovia – Uncesored

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Sep 252018

Neverwinter Ravenloft Preview: Hunts of Barovia

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As part of our extensive preview of Neverwinter’s Module 14: Ravenloft, I’m going over the new Hunts of Barovia in this article. Yes guys, the Hunts feature is back! But before you close the page because you’ve seen enough of the system’s RNG craziness in Mods 12 and 13, just know that Hunts in Ravenloft received some substantial changes that, depending what you didn’t like, might make it a little bit more appealing to you. First things first though. This article builds on what we already know about Hunts in earlier mods. If you’re a new player, you want to look up our previews for Tombs of Annihilation and Lost City of Omu. Otherwise some stuff might be hard to understand.

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Neverwinter – Great Protector Set/Stat

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Aug 232017

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Great Protector Set/Stat

 Note: this Great Protector Set is composed of :
Cragmire Artifact => one of 3 Artifacts – Lanterne of Revelation, Waters of Elah’zad, Aurora’s Whole Realms Catalogue (obtain with Quest : Artifact Facts or in AH)
Greater Waist Artifact => one of Artifact belts specified here in after – Greater Twined Rope of Dexterity, … and so on (lockbox or in AH)
Cloack of the Protector => for the main Cloack of the set (lockbox or in AH)
With 3 pieces you obtain set statistics.

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Neverwinter – Tomb of Annihilation Hunting Guide: Star Hunts

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Aug 182017

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Requirements and Progression Pyramid

You need two requirements to do Star Hunts. First of all the corresponding tasks must be unlocked in the campaign (the left tree). After doing that you can to buy lures in the Hunter’s Square in Port Nyanzaru. One Tyrannosaurus Rex Fang and one of the other Trophies can be combined to buy a lure for a 1-Star Hunt. This also explains why Fangs are the bottleneck of the whole feature. It’s the hardest Trophy to get, yet is needed for every single lure.

The six 1-Star Hunts have a chance to drop new Trophies, which can be combined to trade for lure of 2-Star Hunts. All three trophies of the 2-Star Hunts then land players the lure for the King of Spines, the boss mob of the feature. Don’t mix it up with the Heroic Encounters by the way, both are not the same.

Other than rare mobs, the Star Hunts are not directly found in Soshenstar River. You need to place the lure in specific locations, which triggers the fight. The map below shows the location for all ten Star Hunts. It might not be final and will be updated as I progress with Hunting.


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River District Treasure Map

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May 242017

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River District Treasure Map Locations and Guide

As we’ve already mentioned in our preview, the maps can be found within Dig Sites. Each site has one map, meaning you can only loot nine maps per hour. While this means the mechanic is not uncapped like in SoMI, it has other advantages. The maps are no longer unique and you can stack them in your inventory. There are 18 different locations and maps, meaning you’ll need a bit of inventory space in case you do not want to go on the hunt right away. But this at least opens the possibility of farming locations multiple times and speeding up the whole process. If you got unlucky in SoMI, you had to travel across the whole map to open two chests. This should no longer happen in the River District.

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River District Artifact Weapons Restoration Guide

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May 162017

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River District Artifact Weapons Restoration Guide

River District artifact weapons were added in Mod 11 for Neverwinter. The River District is an abandoned area of Neverwinter which you must work to reclaim. One of the nicest things that came out with the expansion are the new artifact weapons.  These weapons are specifically designed to have special set bonuses for your character’s specific role. Whether that’s a generalist, tank, healer or DPS, there is a weapon for you!

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Storm Kings Thunder – Module 10 Gear Progression

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Feb 162017

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Storm Kings Thunder Console Primer: Module 10 Gear Progression

Get hyped guys, because Storm Kings Thunder (SKT) is right around the corner on consoles! In the good tradition of our site, we want to make sure you are properly prepared for your travel to the north. So pack some warm socks and read our Primer!

Today we are looking at the Module 10 gear progression. 

Beware! Voninblod!

The major part of the new gear progression system is a new resource called Voninblod. It can be farmed from special Relic nodes throughout the three new maps. It’s similar to Black Ice node farming with the exception that Relics are a one-time interaction and don’t deplete after a certain time.

Voninblod is used to empower the new line of PVE gear that comes with Module 10. Each class gets two Frostborn sets that can be acquired in the Trade Bar store and several ZEN purchases. Similar to Dusk it is the a premium set that requires real-money currency, but is available right at the launch. The new Relic endgame BIS set comes from Fangbreaker Island. The one exception are the boots, which need to be farmed from Heroic Encounters in the Bryn Shander zone.

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Stronghold quests

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Feb 122017

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Stronghold Quests

Non-Repeatable Quests

Introductory Quests

Level Quest NPC
4 – 70 The Stronghold The Messenger
4 – 70 Meet the Team The Steward
20 – 70 The Stronghold Routine The Steward
20 – 70 For Love of the Stronghold The Steward

Storyline Quests

As the Guild Hall’s rank increases more storyline quests become available. All storyline quests are level 70.

Quest NPC Guild Hall Rank
Travel with Care The Ranger 1
My Fae Lady Master of Coin 3
What Lurks in the Corners The Cleric 5
Welcome to Homestead The Steward 7
A New Sheriff The Ranger 9
A Steward and His Mimic The Steward 11
Luskan’s History The Cleric 13
The Great Detective The Detective 15
Armed and Ready The Steward 17
A Mother’s Obsession, A Father’s Love The Steward 19


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