Neverwinter – Oathbound Paladin Guide – mod11b/mod12

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Jul 032017

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@Copyright: updated document for Ishtart







Oathbound Paladin Guide


@Copyright @greyjay, @slappdaniel and @Its Viraaal

Credits to @thefabricant for proof-reading

This Guide explains how to be most efficient in group-content in mod 11b.


Modified for Ishtart for mod12 in August 2017.


Being most efficient as a paladin means to maximize your buff-potential and your damage-output at the same time.


This guide concerns Oathbound Paladin – Oath of Devotion. The part of Oath of Devotion will be added to Addendum et the end of the document and will use the build from Jade Quinn used on Ishtart with Heal loadout.

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