Neverwinter – Demogorgon guide : tactics

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May 282016

Demogorgon and Epic Demogorgon
For a general description of the two raids, follow THIS LINK

Phase 1
There are 3 type of portals and the timer is 5 minutes
– Green: 3-4 smaller critters (few points)
– Blue: 3 medium critters (average points)
– Purple: 2 big critters (lot of points)

The goal is to close portals AND kill the critters that come out of it. If you obtain enough points, you get gold.
The best tactic is to focus the attention on purples only.
Since purples spawn ONLY 2 mobs, this is a good way to limit the number of sources that can damage us while having to kill fewer enemies to get a lot of points.
In general, a raid of players focusing ONLY on purples should reach gold with >1 minute left.

There is another advantage in focusing on purple only: all players stay together. That makes the job of tanks and healers much much easier.

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