Neverwinter – Tomb of Annihilation Hunting Guide: Star Hunts

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Aug 182017

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Requirements and Progression Pyramid

You need two requirements to do Star Hunts. First of all the corresponding tasks must be unlocked in the campaign (the left tree). After doing that you can to buy lures in the Hunter’s Square in Port Nyanzaru. One Tyrannosaurus Rex Fang and one of the other Trophies can be combined to buy a lure for a 1-Star Hunt. This also explains why Fangs are the bottleneck of the whole feature. It’s the hardest Trophy to get, yet is needed for every single lure.

The six 1-Star Hunts have a chance to drop new Trophies, which can be combined to trade for lure of 2-Star Hunts. All three trophies of the 2-Star Hunts then land players the lure for the King of Spines, the boss mob of the feature. Don’t mix it up with the Heroic Encounters by the way, both are not the same.

Other than rare mobs, the Star Hunts are not directly found in Soshenstar River. You need to place the lure in specific locations, which triggers the fight. The map below shows the location for all ten Star Hunts. It might not be final and will be updated as I progress with Hunting.


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