InsaneS – guild charter and rules

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Nov 112018

Our Vision

We want a guild where people are helpful, friendly and funny, and take full advantage of playing together to achieve their individual goals and those of the guild.


Our Mission

We want to create a fun environment by attracting people to the guild. We help each other in achieving our personal goals in the game. We welcome people who share our values. To do this, we have an active policy for new members. Our policy of ranking also seeks to encourage cooperation and a shared value system.


Our Devises






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InsaneS – stronghold – initial building infrastructure proposal

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Sep 012018

For our Guild Boons Structure in 2016:

1. WIKI information


Stronghold boons work differently than other boons. Stronghold Boons are separated into 4 categories: Offense, Defense, Utility, and PvP, and you may only have one boon from each category active a time.

To be able to activate Stronghold boons, Boon Structures must be built. Higher ranks of the corresponding structures give larger benefits from the boons. Any member of the Stronghold’s guild may activate any boon that has been unlocked.


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