Control Wizard Mechanics Guide (Mod11.5)

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Jul 112017

@Copyright : Sharpedge@thefabricant

Note: Please read the original post permanently updated – the extract here in after doesn’t contain Contents nor Credit sections








CW Mechanics Guide: (Mod 11.5)version of July 11, 2017 

Author: Sharpedge@thefabricant


The following sections will be out of date as of mod 12:

  • DR Debuffs.
  • Weapon Enchantment.
  • Pet Active Bonuses.
  • Summoned Pet.
  • Mount Combat Power.
  • Active Artifact.
  • Statistics Optimisation.


I will try to update these sections as best as I can with the release of mod 12, but be wary investing into anything based on the information contained within these sections.

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Neverwinter – Oathbound Paladin Guide – mod11b/mod12

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Jul 032017

@Copyright : neverwintertemplars

@Copyright: updated document for Ishtart







Oathbound Paladin Guide


@Copyright @greyjay, @slappdaniel and @Its Viraaal

Credits to @thefabricant for proof-reading

This Guide explains how to be most efficient in group-content in mod 11b.


Modified for Ishtart for mod12 in August 2017.


Being most efficient as a paladin means to maximize your buff-potential and your damage-output at the same time.


This guide concerns Oathbound Paladin – Oath of Devotion. The part of Oath of Devotion will be added to Addendum et the end of the document and will use the build from Jade Quinn used on Ishtart with Heal loadout.

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Fangbreaker Island – guide

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Jun 242017

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Today it’s time to talk a bit about the dungeon Fangbreaker Island (FBI) again. Players have been able to enter the dungeon for a few weeks now and this post is meant to summarize what’s known so far. But first we give credit where credit is due and share the impressive run of Sharpedge (who also contributed to this article) and company:


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River District Artifact Weapons Restoration Guide

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May 162017

@Copyrigh :  DDM’S Realm

River District Artifact Weapons Restoration Guide

River District artifact weapons were added in Mod 11 for Neverwinter. The River District is an abandoned area of Neverwinter which you must work to reclaim. One of the nicest things that came out with the expansion are the new artifact weapons.  These weapons are specifically designed to have special set bonuses for your character’s specific role. Whether that’s a generalist, tank, healer or DPS, there is a weapon for you!

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Neverwinter – Castle Never guide

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Sep 112016

In this multi-part series we are going to talk about mastering the newest dungeon addition: Castle Never. Although it is being stomped by well-geared teams, it can present a challenge to everyone else and there is stuff to pay attention to, especially if you are not running with an almighty Paladin. In this first post we’ll be dealing with the trash mobs in between bosses.

The devs made a concerted effort to deny the type of speed running that was so popular during the 60s era and caused many problems. Given a certain group power, players would just rush through an intersection and kill all the mobs at the end (big pulls). Or simply run to the next campfire, where they could die, respawn and entirely skip big chunks of dungeons.

Castle Never is now designed in a way that you can only advance to the next room if you’ve completed the mini tasks in the current one. That’s why players jokingly describe CN as a sequence of Heroic Encounters, which is not really wrong but also not quite right. None of the mini-encounters is particularly challenging, but at least not mindlessly slaying one mob after another adds to the variety and keeps players engaged.

Player Fighting Inside Rift
Player fighting inside rift

Entering the queue you’ll meet the first mob outside the Castle followed by a cutscene. Glabrezus hit really hard and will one-shot any DPS class or a DC. Make sure if you are in melee range to dodge all their attacks but otherwise try to stay out of their range. Inside the castle you instantly have to gather and fight Cthylarr‘s minions on a bridge. The only tough part of the fight is dodging the AoEs that the boss throws at the group, which can be a line or a fireball AoE.

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Neverwinter – Demogorgon guide : tactics

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May 282016

Demogorgon and Epic Demogorgon
For a general description of the two raids, follow THIS LINK

Phase 1
There are 3 type of portals and the timer is 5 minutes
– Green: 3-4 smaller critters (few points)
– Blue: 3 medium critters (average points)
– Purple: 2 big critters (lot of points)

The goal is to close portals AND kill the critters that come out of it. If you obtain enough points, you get gold.
The best tactic is to focus the attention on purples only.
Since purples spawn ONLY 2 mobs, this is a good way to limit the number of sources that can damage us while having to kill fewer enemies to get a lot of points.
In general, a raid of players focusing ONLY on purples should reach gold with >1 minute left.

There is another advantage in focusing on purple only: all players stay together. That makes the job of tanks and healers much much easier.

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