In-House PVP

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Oct 242016

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1.) What is in-house PvP?
In-house PvP is a pre-made PvP match between 2 parties that are composed of players from the guild/alliance. It is an easy way to win a PvP match without fighting.

2.) Why should you do it?
We need a total of 70k Conqueror’s Shards to upgrade the Barracks to level10. Since we are not a PvP oriented guild this is the only way we will ever get that many.

3.) What do you need?
You need to be level 70. That is the only requirement. Item level is irrelevant.
It is essential that you get the quest ”Fight to the Finish” from Master of Coin in the Stronghold (she is in on the left side when you get into the Stronghold through the main gate).

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