Neverwinter – DPS-Buff/Debuff Cleric 2.0

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May 102016





This whole build started when I decided that I didn’t want to have to create multiple characters to fulfill different roles. My Cleric was my first level 60(then 70) character, and now I play her almost exclusively since she can play almost any role in the game. She’s great for solo content and can be a huge asset on PVE teams, and I very quickly earned the Head Hunter and Dominion Champion titles with this build in PVP. I got frustrated with playing the role of “healer” in dungeons and on PVP and ending games with next to zero kills or damage. If this was to be my main character, she had to be able to do more than just heal other players while they have all the fun. So here’s how I personally think this character stacks up.


  • Relatively high DPS(you’ll rarely top the charts, but you won’t be at the bottom)
  • Ability to buff/debuff for the entire team
  • Survivablity, and the ability to pseudotank in a pinch
  • Control resist for PVP
  • Easy solo content
  • Versatility
  • Ability to kill Tanks


  • No great way for quick healing
  • Mediocre crit chance/severity
  • PUG teams may get upset with you for not being “healz healz healz” or “haste haste haste”

So with that said, here’s the build.

Race selection

For me, it was all about Control Resist, which leads to either Moon Elf or Halfling. Halfling would technically be a better choice because of the Deflect chance, but I went with Moon Elf for aesthetics and the AP gain is nice. Dragonborn could also be a good choice for stat selection as well as the increased DPS.

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