Scourge Warlock mod14 – Temptation and Fury (Dr Bobby build)

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Sep 262018





Scourge Warlock mod14 – Fury and Temptation

@Copyright Charisma’ Warlock Compedium

This is article of Charisma little modified and condensed. Some personnal choices. For the original post please consult the link in @Copyright.


Your race choice is very important in Neverwinter.  Every race can play any class, but some races do certain classes much better than others!

Tieflings are the best choice right now.  The extra % damage buff when targets are below 50% synergies well with the rest of our kit and the ability scores line up perfectly.

Dragonborns are also a solid option because of their additional 3% power and critical strike.  This works really well for obvious reasons as a dps.

Humans aren’t bad still, and a better option than many if you can’t stand tails or scales.  The extra feats are a good bonus and the reduced damage helps keep us alive to siphon more souls!

Ability Scores:

When leveling, put all of your new score points into Constitution and Charisma.

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