Why we are InsaneS ?


Hello all,

I’d like to explain you why we are InsaneS 🙂

I can’t say that’s easy to explain. We are all, members of this guild, insanes to play this game, because, the majority has other priorities that playing Nevewinter 🙂

We have our family, our job and other activities before to play this game.  We also have a different age compared to the different players. Some of us played other similair games as a simple player or as a Game Master.


But why we are different ? We started really our guild activity in October 2016 that 2 years ago.

We are not a competition guild to move quickly in this game, however, we ask for a minimum of effort to make this guild evolve. We cannot stay inactive during 3-4 years to obtain level 20.

We ask you only to respect the rules that we hold and to represent the guild and the alliance in which we find ourselves.


Best Regards

InsaneS management office


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