Enyo’s Guide to the PvE Rogue (Mod15) – Executioner / Saboteur

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Nov 102018

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Enyo’s Guide to the PvE Rogue (Module 15 Update)


Welcome all to my ever-in-depth guide to the Trickster Rogue! The main purpose of this guide is to break down the core mechanics of the class, along with what’s considered the “best” options as far as damage goes and why, but still allowing players to tweak the build to their liking while still understanding the mechanics of whichever custom build they create.

The guide is also newbie friendly, along with veteran friendly. The guide is not flooded with details, as some players prefer to just read and copy. The guide is not without details though – nearly everything listed is accompanied by a tooltip, for those looking for every detail and answer! This allows the guide to be organized and easy to navigate, while still giving the viewer whichever style they prefer.

If you have suggestions, or see something either in the formatting or way I worded / pieced things together, that you either really liked or really disliked, leave a comment. I’m constantly trying to improve and better this guide, so all feedback – both positive and negative, is always highly appreciated. Note – that’s not an excuse to be rude. Be respectful!

If you have any questions, feel free to find me in-game – I love meeting new people, helping folks out, and sometimes I learn something new myself! I’m on PC, usually online between 8 PM – 12 AM, EST, everyday of the week except Thursday! You can also find me on the MmoMinds Discord under the “TR Sensei” role!

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