1 – Preface

This is a guide for how to build, play, and be excellent as a Master of Flame CW in Neverwinter. It is a PvE guide, and certainly not a PvP guide. If you want a PvP guide, you’ll have to entice one of the high-end PvP CWs to write it for you.

This thread is not, will not, and cannot be a debate of MoF vs. SS CWs. I am very tired of this argument. Normally it goes “Spellstorm wins paingiver, therefore MOAR POWER MOAR GOOD.” If you want to discuss this, start another thread, but not here.

That said, Spellstorms and Master of Flame wizards are both excellent, but they are different. Their key class mechanics and features are very different, they do damage differently, and to play well each has a different playstyle. I believe that if you tried both paths you would feel good in one and bad in the other. Personally, I have a spellstorm CW, but when I play her, I feel i am doing absolutely everything wrong.

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