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Great Hall – decoration

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Dec 202018

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Great Hall

The Great Hall is the building at the heart of your Guild’s Stronghold. Located inside the Stronghold Keep, the Great hall is a large meeting area that your guild can customize and decorate as you choose.

Inside the Great Hall is four large tables surrounded by chairs, an imposing fireplace, and two flights of stairs leading to a gallery above. To the right of the main doors is The Decorator, where you can donate decorations.

After being donated to the Decorator, decorations can be placed at various locations in the Great Hall. There are locations for 4 Chandeliers, 5 Runners, 4 Tables (each table can have a feast on it), 40 Chairs, 1 Fireplace, 15 Furniture, 4 Ornaments, 8 Banners, 9 Rugs, and 6 Statues.

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Bryn Shander – relic locations

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Jan 012017

Sea of Moving Ice – Map in a Bottle locations

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Jan 012017
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