Nov 112018

Our Vision

We want a guild where people are helpful, friendly and funny, and take full advantage of playing together to achieve their individual goals and those of the guild.


Our Mission

We want to create a fun environment by attracting people to the guild. We help each other in achieving our personal goals in the game. We welcome people who share our values. To do this, we have an active policy for new members. Our policy of ranking also seeks to encourage cooperation and a shared value system.


Our Devises






Our Values

We Think that values drive actions

We Think that helping others is the essential of our community

We Think that there is strength in unity

We Think that there is power of that which makes us different

We Think that our experience should be shared for members to have the most benefit in game

We Think that have fun is essential

We Think that a sense of humor allows for better work

We Think that casual players could be also performant as “geek” players 🙂

We Think that individuals working together create a better community

We Think that our good actions show our best values



Reminder: you will be rated on during your probation period (and after…)

  1. Must be a friendly, mature player that participates with other players.
  2. Treat others with respect.
  3. Must be mature person.
  4. We are waiting for you to contribute to our guild environment / structures.
  5. A contribution is measured as interaction, participation, contribution to the guild, and so on.
  6. You have read our policies, a ranking organization.
  7. You participate in guild activities (greed of dragonflight (DF), dungeon runs, guild daily, helping others etc.)

Note: Points 4 and 5 are very appreciated by guild management. We are all casual players and “not professional neverwinter geeks”. However, we cannot keep players who have never participated in guild development as this will be unfair to those who do it every day. The guild / stronghold daily are mandatory for us witthout exception “…Failure is not an option… – Apollo XIII “

Note: Stronghold – guild daily described !!!

Who are the active players?

Active players for a guild are the players who participate in the guild’s construction resources on a daily basis.

When you arrive at InsaneS don’t ask what the guild can do for you, ask yourself what you can do for the guild !


For your information – some last statistics from guild Coffer log (from August, 26 to August, 30 2018 – 7pm CET)

Ask for Heroic Shards – Daily Participation

08/26/2018      – 100 Shards               – 30 other guilds         – 70 Shards; 4 accounts from us

08/27/2018      – 330 Shards               – 120 other guilds       – 210 Shards; 9 accounts from us

08/28/2018      – 210 Shards                – 120 other guilds       – 90 Shards, 6 accounts from us

08/29/2018      – 380 Shards                – 110 other guilds       – 270 Shards; 8 accounts from us

08/30/2018 7pm  – 270 Shards            – 60 other guilds        – 210 Shards; 8 accounts from us

Note: Some accounts used theirs alts too regarding the statistics. We never asked to take your daily on all your alts present in our guild. It’s only your appreciation if you want to give more resources, and not mandatory requested by us.

Normally we hope to obtain between 500 and 1000 Heroic Shards per day only from our members / accounts regarding connected players and without using alts. Guild daily quests take only 20-30 minutes per day – is this a lot to ask? This participation help us to upgrade the guild boons that you can use.

We observe this status since the beginning of our guild. Regarding our membership, more than 100 active accounts (there was the period when we were full – 150 accounts) and only about 10-15 accounts really actives for the guild development, we decided to reduce our membership to minimum. Recruiting other members is not difficult, but it’s not easy to find the players who want to help the guild progress further…

After the next cleanup in September 2018, we’ll invite to our guild only the players who will participate to our stronghold development (with the exception of some players during the “transition period” waiting to join other Alliance’s guilds).




The following will result in immediate kicking from the guild during your probation period.

  • Hate speech based on race, sexual, gender, national origin and religion purpose, and harassment or vulgarity won’t be tolerated. Violations of such can lead to the immediate termination without waiting for the end of your probation period.
  • This applies, of course, after this period also.


ABSENCE / INACTIVITY for more than 15 days

  • If you are absent in game for a moment (vacancies/holidays/exams/school/other…) please enter the information in Guild Roster – Member Comments; This prevent to kick you during your absence more than 15 days.
  • All members kicked for inactivity (more than 15 days of absence) can always ask to return to the guild on their request if we have always free slots.



Rank 1: Insane in probation

New player during the probation period

Rank 2: Confirmed

A player who has participated at least once to stronghold infrastructure (mimic coffer) with guild daily quests or/and building material.

Rank 3: Regular

A player who participates with guild daily quests to our infrastructures.

Rank 4: Special Person

A player who participates with guild daily quests and make more contribution then other Regulars.

Rank 5: Contributor

A player who participates with guild daily quests to ours infrastructures and participate more than Regulars. They have to be active and highly engaged in guild activities.

Rank 6: VIP

This rank are for the people who have special guild leadership roles. They work in a specific portfolio if defined. They are not submitted to the guild participation to the guild development. They are here for “political” reasons. They can recruit and have access to the Officers Chat.

Rank 7: Insane The Great

Insane The Great is the highest ranking authority in the guild – the leaders of the guild.



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