Jul 302017

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Soshenstar River Treasure Map Locations and Guide

As you probably know from our preview, the Treasure Hunt in back in Soshenstar River! Please check that article in case you’re looking for basic information about the feature. If you’re however unable to figure out a particular location, or are just lazy, we’ve got you covered in this one! The map below shows all treasure map pictures and their respective locations. With this info it should be easy to burn through your six maps per week and grab the loot.


Changed Loot

Speaking of loot, I’d also like to talk about a major change that happened from preview to live. Unfortunately the contents of the treasure chests have changed for the worse. The rewards mentioned in my preview articleare still correct, they do no longer however drop all at once. Players used to become one Ring of the Hunter, some RPs and campaign stuff. Now it’s either or, at least there seems to be much more RNG involved. This is obviously based on very limited chests I’ve opened so far and I wouldn’t call it a final conclusion. Make sure to check back regularly as I’m going to edit this article one I have more info.


This also changes the outlook for the feature. In the preview I called it an extension to the weekly RAD production as the worst case would be 12,000 in salvage value. That’s obviously no longer the case. Now it more comes down to whether you want to farm the rings and the Voodoo Mask. I personally still like the look of the mask and its stats, but I’m not sure you want to go all in. I’d probably hope that you get the mask and maybe useful +4 rings with the treasures you randomly dig up when you’re doing your dailies.


The voodoo dolls are a nice idea, but they lack viability. Killing specific mobs instantly might help undergeared toons in precarious situations, but other than that? The dolls additionally reveal the limited functionality of the potion buff bar. There are six different types and three slots. Constantly having to change the slots is insanely annoying. Collectors can get two achievements here however. “Clucky Charms” gets unlocked once you’ve used a Chicken Voodoo Doll on all types of mobs in Chult. Additionally “Let’s Put a Pin In It” can be earned by using each type of the Voodoo Dolls at least once.


The live version of the Treasure Hunt is still better than River District, but in the end it’s not by a wide margin. You have the Voodoo Mask and rings as additional incentive to farm chests, it however is not enough to get too obsessive. Players that progress through the campaign will get their six maps anyway though and can dig them up while doing dailies. Overall this once again makes it a more explorative than gameplay-relevant feature.

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