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Reviewed with Xorica / Jade Quinn (@xorp#3562) from Tornado of Souls (SoS Alliance) regarding specific skills used in hard dungeons and treats (06/26/2017) 

Welcome everyone, my name is DrPlague and I am here today to share with you all what I consider to be one of the better Healadin builds around. Most builds you find are either extremely out dated or simply just not as good at healing as they really should be. Before we start let me just say that this build is extremely low on the DPS side of things; most runs I do less DPS than the tank but in exchange I almost always top the heal charts compared to similarly geared DC’s and other healadins.

Here we have a few choices, I went half-elf purely for the bonus crit severity and lack of having Dragonborn. .


  • +2 to any one Ability Score
  • +3% increased Defense
  • +3 bonus Heroic Feats

Human being the second best choice because of the bonus feat points, we’ll talk about this later.


  • +2 to any two Ability Scores
  • +3% Power and Critical Strike
  • You receive 5% more healing from all spells and abilities

Best choice because of extra power and crit strike (yes heals do crit)

Half Elf

  • +1 to a non-class Ability Score (auto determined)
  • +1% Deflection chance, Crit Severity, Gold Bonus

Ability Rolls:
For your initial roll you will want have the highest possible WIS and CHA rolls you can get depending on your chosen race. Always prioritize WIS above CHA.



Cure Wounds (our bread and butter of healing)
Oath Strike or Radiant Strike


Bond of Virtue
Vow of Enmity
Circle of Power 

Burning Light
Vow of Enmity


Here we have a lot of room to work with and these will change depending on whom you are running with.

Aura of Courage (Does 1% of your max health as radiant damage. Good for that extra little bit of damage)
Aura of Wisdom (Cooldown reduction for everyone)
Aura of Restoration (When you need that extra bit of healing)
Aura of Life (Picks allies up from near death when you walk near them)
Aura of Divinity (Heals upto 3 targets at the same time every 3 seconds)


  • Restoration + Divinity (standard)
  • Restoration + Life (when one shoted…)
  • Divinity + Life (Ishtart’s config standard)


Here we have 4 choices but mine never tend to change

Shield of Faith (%30 Damage reduction +%30 healing) – this stays slotted all the time
Healing Font (Big heal that chains to nearby allies up to 5 times)
Lay on Hands (Heals target for 100% if their max HP)
Divine Judgment (Extra damage) – also tends to never leave my bar


  •  Shield of Faith + Healing Font (standard if a lot of dps)
  • Lay of Hands + Healing Font (if need a target heal to 100%)


Ishtart’s action bar for Group/Dungeon

Ishtart’s actual equipment for heal loadout


Feats: (updated by Jade Quinn)


Weapon Mastery 2/3 – Increase your Critical Chance by 2%

Toughness 3/3 – Increases max HP by 9%

Light’s Shield 2/5 – Your Damage Resistance is increased by 1%

Exemplar’s Haste 3/3 – Encounter powers recharge 6% faster

Dominating Presence 5/5 – Your aura have a 10′ radius

Divine Wisdom 2/3 – Increased healing for each point of WIS by 0.66%

Force of Will 3/3 – Increased crit chance for each point of CHA by 1%

(for Humans put 1 extra in Divine Action, 1 in Weapon Mastery and 1 in Divine Wisdom => 3 extra in total)


Swift Flash 5/5 – Move faster when struck
Flash of Light 5/5 – Reduce cooldown of your allies




Gift of Light 5/5 – You heal for 10% more

Light Touched 5/5 – Healing spells generate 10% more AP

Restorative Haste 5/5 – You gain 10% more recovery from equipment

Aura Gifts 5/5 – Allies gain 25% of your power (within 30′)

Healer’s Touch 2/5 – You heal 20% more

Echoing Heal 2/5 – Healing your ally 80% of your weapon damage

Deific Intervention 1/5 – Grant max damage resistance every 300sec

Holy Bonds 5/5 – Recovery increased by 20% for each ally within 30′ (max 5 allies)

Redemption  1/1 


For gear I have stayed away from the relic armor and weapons for the time due to being in a guild that runs dragonflight and the weapons from river district being easier to get. Stat priority is Power/Crit/Recovery/Defense (sometimes more Deflect in place of Defense)

Head – Dragonflight Restoration Cuirass
Chest – Lifesilk Spinnerett
Arms – Dragonflight Restoration Couters
Boots – Dragonflight Restoration Poleyns
Main Hand – Fey
Offhand – Fey
Neck – Amulet of Tiamat’s Demise
Ring 1 – Ring of Precision
Ring 2 – Ring of Brutality
Belt – Tiamat Sash
Shirt – Warrior’s Gemmed Exquisite Elemental Chainmail
Pants – Warrior’s Gemmed Exquisite Elemental Chausses
Artifact Primary – Sigil of the Devoted (Having the quick action point gain has saved me and my party many times)
Artifact 2 – Tiamat’s Orb of Majesty (Set Bonus +5% incoming and outgoing healing)
Artifact 3 – Symbol of Fire
Artifact 4 – Sigil of the Controller

Weapon Enchant – Holy Avenger
Armor Enchant – Soulforged
Offense – Radiant
Defense – Azure (Note: Link to double loadout and I don’t have yet separate  equipment for each loadout I use some config from Tank loadout that Radiant instead Azure – for a moment because Tank config is more important for me and Heal loadout will wait for a money ^^ 🙂 )
Utility – Dark

Here I have mostly used what has landed in my lap and plan to change these as time goes. I will update these as time goes on.

Polarbear Cub (+% to outgoing healing)
Flame Sprite (+% action point gain)
Ice Sprite (+% action point gain)
Water Archon (Increase damage against enemies not at full health)
Fire Archon – Primary summoned with bonding runestones (Increase damage against enemies below half health)

Again here I have mostly used what has landed in my lap.

Guard Drake – Zen Market +2000 Power (Protectors Camaraderie – When companion attacks you gain 3% power and defense for 10s)
Black Stallion – Gladiators Guile (Makes you move faster when your stamina is above 75%. This is extremely useful on our slow paladins)
Palomino Horse – Protectors Friendship (does the same as protectors camaraderie and stacks from what I’ve seen)
Amphail Fancy Horse – Protectors Friendship
Winter Wolf – Protectors Friendship



Dark Fey Hunter – 400 Power
Fey Precision – 400 Crit Strike
Elven Haste – 3% AP gain
Elven Ferocity – Chance to deal 20000 arcane damage when hitting a foe
Elven Fury – Killing a foe frats 135 power for 45 seconds. Stacks 30 times

Dread Ring

Reliquary Keeper’s Strength – 250 Power 250 Movement
Evoker’s Thirst – 400 Lifesteal
Forbidden Piercing – 3% resistance ignored
Enraged Regrowth – Chance to heal up to 20000 HP when taking damage
Burning Guidance – Healing spells have a chance to burn nearby enemies for 2000 damage

Icewind Dale

Weathering the Storm – 400 AoE resist
Appreciation of Warmth – 400 Incoming Healing Bonus
Sleet Skills – 2% crit severity
Cool Resolve – Gain up to 2000 power based on how much stamina you are missing
Shared Survival – Drinking healing potions now heal nearby allies for 10%


Primordial Might – 400 power 1600 Max HP
Primordial Focus – 400 Critical Strike 1600 Map HP
Drow Ambush Tactics – Combat Advantage bonus damage increased by 10%
Dwarven Footing – Control effects have 5% shorter durations when applied to you
Demon Slayer – Chance to slay lesser demons when attacking them.

Tyranny of Dragons

Dragons Claws – 400 Power
Dragons Gaze – 400 Crit Strike
Dragonscale Defense – 400 Defense
Dragons Greed – 400 Lifesteal Rating
Dragons Fury – Increased Crit Severity

Maze Engine

Abyssal Regeneration – 400 Incoming Healing
Demonic Resilience – 5% shorter control effects
Demonic Swiftness – 3% AP gain
Engine Inspiration – Your healing spells have a chance to heal nearby allies for 20000 HP

Elemental Evil

Wave of Force – 300 Power 2000 HP
Heart of Stone – 4% Life steal severity 2000 Max HP
Searing Aggression – 400 Crit Strike 2000 Max HP
Gale of Retribution – When taking damage you have a chance to heal up to 24000 over a few seconds. When this ends gain 1000 crit strike for 10 seoncs

Storm Kings Thunder

Frosty Demeanor – 2% control resistance 1000 Max HP
Survival Instincts – 400 incoming healing and 2% everfrost resistance
Chill Determination – gain up to 2000 recovery depending on how much stamina is missing
Glacial Strength –  3200 Max HP and 2% everfrost resistance
Healing Warmth – Healing allies has a chance to damage up to 5 nearby enemies

Cloaked Ascendancy

Aura of Hope – Boost AP gain when you kill and enemy
Fiery Frenzy – 2% crit severity 1000 Max HP
Soothing Zephyr – 500 recovery 2000 Max HP
Aberrant Power – When you take damage you gain a stack of Aberrant Power. At 10 stacks taking damage will clear the stacks and deal 10000 damage to nearby targets. Aberrant creatures take double damage.

How to use this build:

Healing with this build is fairly straight forward. Unlike most paladin healers we opt for staying behind the group where we are less likely to get hit and still manage to keep everyone alive.

  1. Always make sure Bond of Virtue is running
  2. Mark biggest target with Vow of Enmity
  3. Spam Cure wounds
  4. Cast Shield of Faith when the party is taking lots of damage
  5. If party needs minimal healing get in there and use Burning Light (this does damage and still keeps healing)
  6. Stay out of the red –  this should be common sense but turns out common sense isn’t all that common
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