May 242017

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River District Treasure Map Locations and Guide

As we’ve already mentioned in our preview, the maps can be found within Dig Sites. Each site has one map, meaning you can only loot nine maps per hour. While this means the mechanic is not uncapped like in SoMI, it has other advantages. The maps are no longer unique and you can stack them in your inventory. There are 18 different locations and maps, meaning you’ll need a bit of inventory space in case you do not want to go on the hunt right away. But this at least opens the possibility of farming locations multiple times and speeding up the whole process. If you got unlucky in SoMI, you had to travel across the whole map to open two chests. This should no longer happen in the River District.

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Less rewards than Sea of Moving Ice

Also Treasure Maps are no longer an actual grind. The rewards offer additional campaign currency, even stuff for the boons sometimes. But it’s merely a complementary mechanic rather than a mandatory one. Unlike SoMI you don’t have to run Treasure Maps all day because it’s the best thing to do in the module.

Here are the locations!

In case you’re not the exploratory type, Arc user @hawkfr from the guild Myrmidons has you covered! He mapped the locations during the Module test on preview! Thanks mate!

The locations themselves work like the ones in SoMI, but look differently. The sequence of things to do is the same: The map unlocks a location, you interact with the node there and can then loot the chest. In SoMI it was self-explanatory, because you couldn’t actually see the chest before interacting with the node. In the River District however, you do. This can be confusing to players, which might stumble over Treasure Chests they cannot open. What you are looking for, and the corresponding maps actually unlock, is a second node next to the chests that “disarms a trap”. So you first interact with the location node, then walk over to the chest and take your loot.

Node on the left, chest on the right

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