May 052017

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Master of Flame Renegade/Thaumaturge PvE Build by Fennik

– This is a Control Wizard PvE Buff/Debuff Build –

The purpose of this build is to be flexible in all areas of the game with high focus on Ally Support.

This is not a perfect Support Build but it is well ballanced between ally buffs, enemy debuffs and personal dps which all in all will provide a viable addition to any party composition.

Power Points 

For the highest debuff values a fourth Power Point should be put into Swath of Destruction (4/4 = 20% debuff), Combustive Action (4/4 = 24% debuff) and Ray of Enfeeblement (4/4 = 17,5 % debuff, stacks on Mastery to 35% debuff).


Feat Tree


Attribute Points

I recommend putting all points into Interlligence (INT) and Charisma (CHA). INT for recharge speed and damage bonus, CHA mainly for the critchance bonus to proc Nightmares Wizardry.

Most ppl would say to put points into Wisdom instead of Charisma to increase the action point gain, which makes total sense also. I guess that is personal taste. I have enough Action Point Gain from other sources to chain my Dailies and have a 100% uptime on Combustiv Action and Swath debuffs.

If you are lacking in Action Point Gain, put some points into Wisdom as well.


Class Feature, Dailies, Encounter and Rotation

Multi Target/Aoe :

Class Feature : Combustive Action CA), Swath of Destruction (SoD)

Dailies : Oppressive Force (OP), Ice Knife (IK)

Encounter : Conduit of Ice (COI) on Mastery (TAB), Icy Terrain (IT), Disintergrate (DIS) or Fanning the Flame (FtF), Steal Time (ST)

At-Will : Chilling Cloud (CC), Scorch Burst (SB)


Rotation: OP >> COI >> IT >> DIS >> 1 fast click on SB (not full channeling) to consume Spelltwisting stacks >> ST to finish of. Use your Sigil of the Devoted whenever it is up after you have casted a Daily power. Rinse and repeat.


Single Target :

Class Feature : Combustive Action CA), Swath of Destruction (SoD)

Dailies : Oppressive Force (OP), Ice Knife (IK)

Encounter : Conduit of Ice (COI) on Mastery, Ray of Enfeeblement (RoE), Disintergrate (DIS), Fanning the Flame (FtF)

At-Will : Chilling Cloud (CC), Scorch Burst (SB)


Rotation: OP >> RoE >> COI >> DIS >> 1 fast click SB >> FtF

The effective range of Oppressiv Force is the same as Furious Immolation with you as the center. That should help you to figure out your positioning in a Boss Fight like Orcus for example, so you don’t stand to close to him 😉


The reason to use OP as your main Daily even on single target fights is to extend the uptime of Combustiv Action. CA on its own is activated on Daily use and lasts 4 seconds. OP is a Daily which ticks 4 times over the time of 5 seconds. That increases the effective uptime of CA to 9 seconds. 

OP also has no target cap which means every enemy who enters the range of OP during the 5 second uptime will be affected by the debuffs of CA and SoD (44% debuff)


Those tactics are intended to be used in Group Content, you will lose a significant amount of personal dps.

For solo play I recommend using Chilling Presence and Critical Conflagration as Class Features but the rotation stay the same.


And an interesting post to read about CW :

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