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Everything PvE, as this is the trend with Ghost Templars.  If you want PvP, the “Best Array” link at the bottom will provide you with tons of PvP builds too.  There are two main types of control wizards,

Best said by Chem

Spellstorms and Master of Flame wizards are both excellent, but they are different. Their key class mechanics and features are very different, they do damage differently, and to play well each has a different playstyle. I believe that if you tried both paths you would feel good in one and bad in the other. Personally, I have a spellstorm CW, but when I play her, I feel i am doing absolutely everything wrong.

Personally, my qualitative observation is that a Spellstorm and Master of Flame are synergistic siblings. The Spellstorm makes up for the pure burst a Master of Flame lacks, where the MoF creates the DoT and debuff that Spellstorms lack. This is a situation where one of each is better than two of both, for sure.

If you want to discuss how you do, can, or play your SS CW, there are some great guides up here. I really respect the work that Stox and Grimah and others have done.

In my observation, more and more, DPS wizards are choosing Spellstorm.  To have two control wizards one of each running together is lethal.  One holds and immobilizes, while the other immediately does massive damage, then the one holding brings a second wave of massive damage after their stacking is done.  Often the enemy is frozen and overwhelmed.

One of my favorite powers, which is great for either class, is Time Steal.  I have found this is the number one way to control a battle.  It helps buy time for you who doesn’t have a lot of regeneration, but more importantly allows your team mates to deliver a lot of damage unimpeded and get in the position they desire.  And it goes without saying, a good tank is the wizard’s best friend — even more than a cleric.  Both together they allow the control wizard to focus on controlling the battle and putting the hurt on the boss.  If you only have a tank, you can still get it done.  Without one, or just a cleric, you end up dancing around a lot more and it interferes with controlling the battle.  So take a tank and get yourself an angel.  In fact, when I obtained my Protecting Angel it radically changed my game play.  Absolutely try to acquire one, because of the regen issue.  You also won’t have to buy so many potions, I rarely even use them anymore.  It took me a year to earn the angel, but now they can be bought too.  You earn them by invoking at least once a day, and saving all those ardent coins for a year.


Master of Flame Build (vs. Spellstorm)

Not everyone wants to go DPS, and in fact to build for team enhancement is pretty awesome too.  I’m pulling on Chem’s comments considerably, but he really does “get it”: 

First and foremost Neverwinter is a team game. We must never forget that we are clearing any instance worth clearing in a team. (note – if you are OP enough to solo something, you probably should be running something harder. If you can solo eLOL, i want to see the video.) The measure of how good a player is has nothing to do with the charts at the end of dungeon. There are many things that obscure the charts, specifically paingiver and field medic. Some mechanics are caused by one player and yet credit is given to another. Smolder, Tyrannical Threat, and the incoming healing bonus from Astral Shield come to mind, but i’m sure there are others.

Secondly, these do not accounts for things like buff, debuff, control, aggro management, coordination, and teamwork, all of which contribute to success. For example, a DC may do almost no damage, and maybe almost no healing, but nimbus of light, divine glow, high prophet, a perfect terror, blessing of battle, hallowed ground, and a big blue circle to protect the team, and I bet everyone loves that DC! However, that will not show up at the end of the run.

CW can also buff and debuff the group, in fact because of high target limits and four encounters, CWs are very effective debuffers. Played correctly a CW can control enough for the team to win. There was never a reason to stack CW, but rather it was to account for the fact that most players are bad and can struggle with things such as equipping enough lifesteal, getting out of red circles, and targeting the boss with their spells. However, with the right bar, skill, feats and equipment, a CW can control all the adds you need to, and also debuff the entire room. While these things are vital to a team’s success, people still point to the paingiver charts to prove their perceived value.

Chem’s PvE


Spellstorm Build (vs. Master of Flame)

IronZerg’s text with graphics build explanation is very good.  However FNHUSA57‘s youtube video goes about the build in a very different way.  If you are doing Spellstorm and want a PVE DPS wizard that puts the hurt on people, FNHUSA57‘s may be the way to go.  I think he does a better job of explaining the stacking and interplay between powers, feats, etc.  Then in his video he takes it out and demonstrates the advantages of his build, because the regen on the CW is so weak — he immobilizes his enemy and obliterates them.

The downside is that without any decent regen you need a cleric or guildies helping you on Well of Dragons, dungeons, or other areas were potions are just not going to cut it.

Check these both out, they are both worth the investment in time:


The Assist Man
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwjqqV2mf_A (July 12, 2015) Renegade Paragon 

http://mmominds.com/2016/03/02/thaumaturges-time-to-shine-a-complete-guide/ (March 2, 2016)


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Yktnh1xQec (September 20, 2015)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Wz00cC8Isk (May 16, 2015)
Stack Power, (Recovery 40% end game, Critical Strike 20%, Armor Pen 20%, Defense 10%, Life Steal 10%)



Best Array



Completed March, 14th with John’s build (adopted by my Kamsouda ^^)

John’s build

Spellstorm Mage, dps thaumaturge build
Mob Control
Conduit of Ice (TAB)
Icy Terrain (Q)
Sudden Storm (R)
Steal Time (E)

Single Target / Boss
Icy Rays (Tab)
Disintigrate (Q)
Ray of Enfeeblement (E)
Chill Strike (R)

At Wills
Magic Missle (Primary)
Chilling Cloud (Secondary)

Ice Knife (Single Target)
Oppressive Force (Mob Control)

Class Features
Storm Spell
Chilling Presence

Working on the Corrupted Aboleth set


5-0-5-0-0 0

5-0-5-0-5 1 Assailing Force

0-0-0-0-0 0

Storm Kings Thunder
Chill Winter 3/3

Elvish Fury

Dread Ring
Rampagin Madness

Winter’s Bounty

Abyssal Strikes

Tyranny of Dragons
Dragon’s Fury

The Maze Engine
Baphomet’s Might

Elemental Evil
Gale of Retribution

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