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Scourge Warlock – Soulbinder Damnation PvE Build – Mod 10

Welcome – This is the Mod 10 Updated Build for the Soulbinder Damnation Warlock.  A few changes have come into place.  Soul Puppets have been fixed and aren’t a huge source of DPS any longer.  However, this build will still dish out some DPS.  This build will also provide the warlock with numerous ways of staying alive longer.  This is a very tanky build and you shouldn’t die very often.  I’m currently 4,266 Item Level.  This build is very viable for anyone leveling up 1-70.. or any lvl 70’s who are sub 3k Item Level.  This build is easy to play and will have several different roles in solo play and group play. This build won’t be for everyone.  Your play style will determine if this build is right for you.  I will also have a Mod 10 Hellbringer Fury Build that is more geared toward full DPS (Link Here) – Also, if you need to contact me to ask questions or just have general feedback.  Please, contact me by either my Youtube channel or Twitter.

Race – Tiefling / Dragonborn / Human – All 3 will be viable Races to play.  Just remember, if you do choose a Human, you will gain an extra 3 feat points.

Stats – CHA/CON – You want to get high initial rolls in both CHA/CON – Then build full CHA/CON throughout leveling up

Gear – Best in Slot is up for debate currently.  You can continue to use your Elemental Dragonflight, Drowcraft/Dusk, or Masterwork in any combination.  However, the new Mod 10 Relic Gear will yield the highest item level (150 at tier 3) and highest stats.  The problem is the tier system and how it currently works.  You have to keep your tier 3 Relic gear empowered for max stats.  Each Relic piece will have a 2 hour timer that will deplete every time you enter combat. If you want to keep using the gear, you will have to farm Vonin Blod non-stop.  This has made a lot of players angry.  The choice will be yours in the long run on what to use.

Weapon / Offhand – This is also going to be up for debate.  You can continue to use your Twisted Weapons / Stronghold Weapons.  In the mid mod update (Mod 10.5) There is going to be a new set.  Most likely the new set will be Best in Slot.. The Offensive Bonus is a 10% Power Gain, and there is also a Defensive Bonus as well that we won’t care about.  Once again, the choice will be up to you on what to use.
On your weapon you want to put Essence Defiler +8% Damage
On your offhand you want to go with All Consuming Curse for the 5% Crit Severity

Rings – Ring of Rising Precision & Ring of Rising Power +5 would be Best in Slot for the two offensive slots.  However, you can use +4 rings just as well.

3 Piece Set – Best in Slot is going to be the Orcus Set.  (Neck, Belt, Artifact)  DPS increase of over 10% – Don’t worry about the lack of Armor Penetration on the set.  You will make it up elsewhere and still should be able to hit the 60% soft cap.

Artifacts – Wheel of the Elements & Sigil of the Devoted in your Active Main Slot. Thayan Book of the Dead and Tiamat’s Orb.  If you don’t have access to these, You can always substitute Lantern of Revelations or any other Artifact with Power/Crit/ArmorPen

Enchantments – This is going to be up to you and what your character needs. You need to have 60% Armor Penetration, as close to 100% Crit Chance as you can get.. Then you can stack Power.  I personality use all Radiants in Offensive Slots.. and all Darks in Defensive Slots.  Power + Lifesteal –  You can use all Brutals if you want to split stats between Power/Crit.. but they can be a bit more expensive.

Armor Enchantment – We are going to be using the Transcendent Negation. 30% Damage Resistance, 10% Incoming Healing Bonus (Works with Lifesteal) and 10% Recovery.  You can’t go wrong with it.  Works wonders for this build.  Pure Tankage!

Weapon Enchantment – We are going to be using the Transcendent Vorpal.  There is debate that the Dread will out preform the Vorpal. However, for this build, the Vorpal will be best in slot.  A lot of your damage is going to be coming from Immolation Spirits.  Dread doesn’t effect this Daily Power but the Vorpal does.  Even though you’re going to be spamming Soul Scorch, which the Dread would effect, the Vorpal is still best in my opinion.  Use what ya want guys.


1/5 Energizing Curse
3/3 Weapon Mastery
3/3 Toughness
3/3 Empowered Rituals
5/5 Determined Casting
2/5 Blood Pact
3/3 Devastating Crit
Total 20 Points – If you roll a Human you will gain an extra 3 points that you can either place in Blood Pact to make it 5/5 or place it in Soul Reaping 3/3 if needed. Also, Scornful Curse 3/3 is another great option.

Soulbinder Path
Damnation Tree
5/5 Relentless Curse
5/5 Sparkbinder
5/5 Spiritfire
5/5 Warding Spirits
5/5 Ghastly Commander
1/1 Soul Desecration
Temptation Tree
5/5 Hope Stealer
5/5 Vampiric Sparks
5/5 Dark Revelry
Total 41 Points

At-Wills – Essence Defiler / Hand of Blight (Can Sub Dark Spiral Aura for AP Gain if needed)
Encounters – Dreadtheft / Soul Scorch / Warlock Bargain or Hadar’s Grasp
Personal – Dust to Dust / All Consuming Curse
Daily’s – Tyrannical Threat / Immolation Spirits / Brood of Hadar
All should be maxed with 4 points in each as soon as possible.
Below will be a Spell Rotation Guide – Or you can click HERE for link.


Legendary Pet – 3 different options will be available.  If you can’t afford to get the top end of the market stuff.  You can go with the Air Archon.  If you can afford the top end of the market, then the Fire Archon is also an option.  However, my personal opinion is the best companion for any DPS class in the game is the Con Artist.  It costs 2 gold, has 2 offensive slots, 1 defensive slot, 3 ring slots.
Rank 12 Bondings Stones – I also chose to go with Sudden Crit, Sudden Brute, and Sudden Lifesteal as my 3 ring choices.  All stacking either Radiant or Darks.  +5 Rings would be Best, but +4 will work as well.  What makes this companion so special is one of his effects is a 10% debuff.  Can’t go wrong with that.  It also stacks.. so if you have 3 people in your party using it.. 30% debuff on top of every other debuff.
Other Active Pets – Fire Archon / Air Archon / Siege Master / Erinyes

Boons – Will update when I finish Storm King’s Thunder.. but I did path it out how I intend to go.  All the rest are more in depth in the video.










I view mounts as sort of a “bonus” system to make up for missing stats.  As far as combat power goes.. if you are lucky enough to have a Legendary Mount, I would suggest the Tenser’s Disc for the 10% DPS increase.  As far as mount powers go.. it will depend on what your character needs at this point.  Power, Crit, Lifesteal, Armor Pen, etc.

As far as the Insignia Bonus’s go, I’m still working on them to be honest.  Mod 10 gave us a bunch of new ones as well.  I will update as I go along if I find better.  But currently this is what I’m using.


Finally Here is the Video Guide/Build in Full:

And Also, here is the Spell Power Rotation Guide:



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