Oct 282016

I will not dig too much into this only because it has covered this in the video below.

That being said – Your mount equip power either needs to be from the Flail Snail Mount (Super Rare and Expensive) 25% action power gain after you cast a daily power or the Gorgon Mount (Not as rare or expensive can get with trade bars.) 15% action point gain after you cast a daily power.

Insignias –  Regal of Courage and Barbed Insignia of Aggression in every mount giving you Defense, AP Gain, Armor Pen, and Incoming Healing Bonus and you want to stack your mounts for Protectors Camaraderie / Friendship these do in fact stack see video below

Where to find all mount insignia combinations:

How to process:

  • open link
  • choose bonuses from the list and consult all available bonus
  • click on bonus and you get a list of mounts with this bonus
  • consult Auction House for interested mounts then buy them
  • setup your insignias for all mounts (eventually search them in Auction House)

ex. of Ishtart choice for stacked bonus (Power & Defense) 🙂


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