Oct 242016

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1.) What is in-house PvP?
In-house PvP is a pre-made PvP match between 2 parties that are composed of players from the guild/alliance. It is an easy way to win a PvP match without fighting.

2.) Why should you do it?
We need a total of 70k Conqueror’s Shards to upgrade the Barracks to level10. Since we are not a PvP oriented guild this is the only way we will ever get that many.

3.) What do you need?
You need to be level 70. That is the only requirement. Item level is irrelevant.
It is essential that you get the quest ”Fight to the Finish” from Master of Coin in the Stronghold (she is in on the left side when you get into the Stronghold through the main gate).

4.) How does it work?
10 players (or 20 if GG) form 2 parties. Party leaders decide which team wins first and then queue for Domination (or GG). It is a good idea if both party leaders are in contact via team speak or synchronize inscription so they can notify each other if a join window popped up.
If the join window popped for both at the same time they wait until everyone in party accepts. Party leaders join only after everyone else in both parties joined (4 green icons on both sides).
If someone failed/declined to join or if the queue did not pop for both teams simultaneously, the party leader declines the queue and re-queues. This is to prevent getting in different instances.

5.) What do you have to do when we get in?
Once inside each player needs 600 points to get a reward (press X to check the score). Capturing a contesting point nets you 300 points so all you have to do is capture 2 points.
After everyone has 600 points or more the ”winning” team captures all points and everyone waits for the match to end.
Move around from time to time or you’ll get disconnected and unable to join any queue for 30 minutes!
After the match is over the party leaders re-invite their previous party members and do the whole thing again. This time the other team wins.

6.) What do you get for participating?
– 300-700 glory
– 7500 rough astral diamonds
– Seal of Triumph
– 6000 experience points
– 10 conqueror’s shards


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