Oct 052016

What to farm?

The best you can do for our guild’s progression and for the guild marks (necessary to buy your stuff in the market): Farm 5 stronghold HEs daily (see currencies section for more detail), complete all stronghold daily quests (with Ranger and Builder, with other PNJ if necessary only for the specific building and only from time to time and in function of building necessity…) and farm campagin currencies like a maniac (mostly ToD). There is much more to it but this should be the most needed. We specify in Mod (Message of the Day) what we need for the current building. Thanks in advance.


Where to buy DragonFlight stuff?

The DF stuff can be bought in a Market level 4. If you have all necessary objects (xx Guild Marks, xx DF fangs and xx Seals of Protector – obsolete sinc the last game upgrade) please go to the stronghold  guild Market and you can buy your equipment. After the last game update the DF stuff is no more good, but with DragonFlight fangs your can buy the Seals of the Brave coffers (3 fangs).

New currencies

And here are the important ones:

  • Influence: Needed for most guild hall ranks/some marketplace ranks and all boon structure ranks. Every character may earn up to 400 per day for farming up to 5 stronghold HEs (Heroic Encounters).
  • Heroic Shards of Power  for daily and special stronghold quests (mostly just kill stuff), used mostly for marketplace/guild hall. Plus every daily first epic HE awards you some (10 extra per day and per alt). Quests given by Builder or from big Heroic Encounters.
  • Adventurer’s Shards of Power: Daily quests (complete 3 HEs and farm 3 specific campaign daylies, you will do that anyway), used for all kinds of buildings. Quests given by Master of Coin and Ranger.
  • Dungeoneer’s shards of Power: Obtained form the cleric’s dungeoon quests. He gives you up to 2 T1/T2 dungeons you have to complete daily. Used for all kinds of buildings. Quests given by Cleric.
  • Conqeror’s Shards of Power: Win one PVP daily (and accept the quest for it beforehand)/win one stronghold siege dayly, used for PVP towers/PVP support structures and the Barracks. Quests given by Master of Coin.
  • Campaign treasures: One category for each campaign. Every campaign currency can be donated for a specific exchange value. ToD is usually the most needed.
  • Surplus equipment: Donate green/blue or epic equip pieces (epics give 810 while blues give only 20, time to farm T2!).
  • Labor: Spend profession workers, usually not that important to gather, plus there sometimes is a quest that awards you labor vouchers.
  • Gems: All enchantments above rank 3, this one sucks to fill up (rank 5s only give 10 points), best way is to feed in rank 4/5 stacks.
  • Astral Diamonds: duh

You will usually have enough gold/wood/stone/metal/food. The only exception here are large guilds. There the 4 basic resources might actually become the bottleneck since they can farm everything else so quickly.

Heroic Encounters

The guild map is full of heroic encounters varying from minor, major to epic. All encounters drop at least a random refine stones, while medium and bigger sized encounters have a chance to give you bigger refine stones. These encounters also randomly drop epic gear with strange effects either for yourself or your companions.  All HE give you the Influence (400 max per day => 150+120+75+35+20) and random refine stones.

For the type of HE please check their icon on the map: small HE are the type of …something Attack… (Drake Attack, Beast Attack, Spider Attack,… and … Supply…) and you can give them alone without party. Medium HE are more difficult and you need some players with good DPS to make them ontime. The Big HE (sometime requested through Alliance channel in one of guild stronghold) must be done with good DPS, tank, heal, but always you have a lot of players who participate that there is no problem to integrate a low level in the mass of players 🙂 In our Alliance sometimes they call for T3 event => it’s the same as Influence run with BHE (big heroic encounters). If they call, go to the corresponding alliance stronghold to do it with them.

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