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Guild Stronghold

Every guild has their own stronghold map that is accessable over the world map. Only members of your guild can enter it, sadly there is no way to invite guests.

Heroic Encounters

The guild map is full of heroic encounters varying from minor, major to epic. All encounters drop at least a random rank 5 enchantment, while medium and bigger sized encounters have a chance to give you resonance stones of varying quality. These encounters also randomly drop epic gear with strange effects either for yourself or your companions. The most interesting ones are 2 rings called Band of Loathing that only drop from the “no sympathy” encounter.

Buildings and structures

There are multiple types of structures: support, PVP tower, production, boon. The marketplace and guild hall are special. You will have to unlock most structure spaces with leveling up your guild hall. All buildings except the guild hall can be upgraded to level 10, the hall itself to level 20.

What the hell do I build?

see Addendum at the end


New gear

There will be 4 new gear sets coming out: 2 “guild sets” for PVP and PVE and the “lionsmane” (PVP)/”Dragonflight” (PVE) set. Later ones will have IL 140 and have the highest AMOUNT of stats in them.

The guild armor is worse than the alliance gear and is mostly just a cheap way of getting stuff for a twink. The other two sets have a 2 and 3 pieces set bonus (2 – 2000hp 3 – 500 Power).

CAUTION: For some classes/setups the stat DISTRIBUTION on the new 140 gear is pretty bad and you might want to stick to your old stuff or want to wait for the underdark gear.

Cool. How do I get the new stuff then?

Before anything else the new 140 gear requires your guild to have the marketplace to at least rank 4 and therefore a guild hall rank 8. Other than that:

  • Lionsmane (PVP): Is bought with seals of triumph, guild merits and banners of the fallen (50 cap), a new currency earned for winning the 20 vs 20 siege PVP.
  • Dragonflight (PVE): Is bought with protector seals, guild merits and fangs of the dragonflight (50 cap), a new currency earned for slaying at least 2 dragons during the dragonflight event.

Detailed prices:

Guild merits? You will have more than enough (30000 cap) and you get them through d*nating stuff to your guild.

NOTE: You can buy gear for ANY class. It is then account bound so you can give the new stuff to alts.


There will be a 2 hourly event called “the travelling wizard”. You can then talk to said wizard in your guild stronghold and he will call in 4 mighty dragons.

Siege PVP?

There will be a 20 vs 20 PVP mode coming with strongholds called “stronghold siege”. A spectacular moba inspired laggfest where you try to destroy the enemy’s nexus guild hall. Don’t worry it will not have any effects on your guild’s structures outside of PVP.

Artifact Weapons

Mod 7 Will include new artifact weapons. They will have higher stats than the mod 6 ones but a different distribution (MOAR RECOVERY). They require guild hall rank 16 and marketplace rank 8. Their setbonus stacks per group member with stronghold weapons:

  • 2% more outgoing damage
  • 2% more outgoing healing
  • 2% less incoming damage

There will be more artifact weapons coming with mod 8 underdark. These will be equally strong in stats but will have different setbonuses. How I see it, if you have a group with full stronghold weapons then they will be stronger. If your group has 50- active members don’t even bother to get to rank 16. It will take months and the boon structures might be a better choice.


Your new best friends. The dragonflight and siege pvp award you with green to blue vouchers while you might randomly drop grey vouchers from enemies in your stronghold. There are vouchers for every currency you can d*nate. They are pretty nice to aquire.


A yes the new boons. Your GUILD may build “boon” structures that grant possible boons for rank 1/3/5 of that building. They increase with rank. You as a PLAYER may then select 4 from all of the boons your guild has unlocked, 1 in each category (Offense, Defense, Utility, PVP). These boons may be respeced without a token for free at any given time.

If you leave your guild/get kicked then you lose access to all previously unlocked boons and have to join a new guild to then have access to the boons your new guild has unlocked. Look “under what to build” where I will link a buildings guide later.

What to farm?

The best you can do for your guild’s progression: Farm 5 stronghold HEs dayly, complete all stronghold dayly quests and farm campagin currencies like a maniac (mostly ToD). There is much more to it but this should be the most needed.

Other than boons, you will not lose any currencies (guild merits, fangs, banners etc…) or stronghold related items in your inventory (vouchers, influence) if you leave a guild or get kicked out.

How many active guild members should my guild have?

Most big guilds (100+) will have the new gear within a month after realease. To somewhat participate in mod 7 and get some new stuff in a reasonable time window (still speaking of months) you should have at least 15 active guild members. Otherwise some have to farm a lot with twinks (you will have to do anyway).

Useful ressources



Basic guidelines

  • Guild hall and marketplace have absolute priority.
  • Ignore support structures, all except the PVP ones are not needed at all (and they are only good for siege PVP).
  • Some guild hall levels unlock a new rank for all other buildings while the other ones usually require a set number of strucures on a specific rank. When it says “requires 10 structures rank 7” the guild hall itself is included.
  • To meet those level requirements, the production structures are usually the best way to go.
  • Boon structures cost shit ton of AD (talking about millions) but less other currencies. Try to get everyone to d*nate a little bit and you will be surprised how fast you can get the AD together.
  • Guild hall rank 8/marketplace rank 4 unlock the new 140 gear
  • Guild hall rank 16/marketplace rank 8 unlock new artifact weapons.
  • Guild hall building times go up with rank (rank 4 takes 3 days, rank 5 takes 4 days and so on)

First steps

  • Complete the 4 basic production structures (Lumberyard, Far, Quarry, Mine). Lumberyard will be the first thing you build (from special stuff you drop from enemies and only use it for this one building, don’t worry it’s easy:D)
  • Build your marketplace (and get it to 4 as fast as possible)
  • At guild hall rank 8 you might consider building your first boon structure. After unlocking the new gear you might find the boons more useful than anything else you could unlock in the nearer future. Also guild hall rank 8 does not cost AD (marketplace rank 4 does though:P).

Speaking of, what boon structures should I go for?

That depends entirely on what your guild needs. Here are the ones I found most useful. Note: You can build a total of 4 boon structures. Also each structure unlocks up to 3 boons at the level 1/3/5.

  • Barracks: XP Bonus/Power/Incoming Healing (having 8000 Power is nice, the barracks do cost PVP Shards though)
  • Stable: Defense/Armor Penetration/Run speed (having decent stats on all 3 unlock ranks speaks for itself, defense and arpen might not be useful for everyone though)
  • Wizard’s workshop: Hitpoints/Healing potion bonus/Overload ward bonus (you will only want this for the HP)
  • Temple: Lifesteal/Revive sickness duration/group healing potion bonus (Lifesteal might be nice for some classes and the sickness duration reduction can help in PVE at later ranks)

Generally you will have to pay a lot of AD for stuff you might not actually want/use. But it is a guild project and you should honestly discuss with all members what you plan on building.

New currencies

the new mod will introduce several new currencies you can d*nate to your stronghold’s coffer. Here is a complete list, it also says how to get them.

And here are the important ones:

  • Influence: Needed for most guild hall ranks/some marketplace ranks and all boon structure ranks. Every character may earn up to 400 per day for farming up to 5 stronghold HEs.
  • Heroic Shards of Power: Earned for dayly and special stronghold quests (mostly just kill stuff), used mostly for marketplace/guild hall. Plus every dayly first epic HE awards you some.
  • Adventurer’s Shards of Power: Dayly quests (complete 3 HEs and farm 3 specific campaign daylies, you will do that anyway), used for all kinds of buildings
  • Dungeoneer’s shards of Power: Obtained form the cleric’s dungeon quests. He gives you up to 2 T1/T2 dungeons you have to complete daly. Used for all kinds of buildings.
  • Conqeror’s Shards of Power: Win one PVP dayly (and accept the quest for it beforehand)/win one stronghold siege dayly, used for PVP towers/PVP support structures and the Barracks.
  • Campaign treasures: One category for each campaign. Every campaign currency can be d*nated for a specific exchange value. ToD is usually the most needed.
  • Surplus equipment: D*nate green/blue or epic equip pieces (epics give 810 while blues give only 20, time to farm T2!).
  • Labor: Spend profession workers, usually not that important to gather, plus there sometimes is a quest that awards you labor vouchers.
  • Gems: All enchantments above rank 3, this one sucks to fill up (rank 5s only give 10 points), best way is to feed in rank 4/5 stacks.
  • Astral Diamonds: duh

You will usually have enough gold/wood/stone/metal/food. The only exception here are large guilds. There the 4 basic resources might actually become the bottleneck since they can farm everything else so quickly.

How much will it cost my guild?

Holy shit. A lot. Here are the exact values if they don’t change it for xboxwhichIdoubt.

Just some examples, unlocking 99% of the useful stuff (gear/3 boon structures/new artifact weapons/guild hall rank 16) costs you:

  • 112.2 mio AD
  • 4.8 mio Influence
  • 16. 4 mio ToD treasures (holy fuck)
  • 30 mio gold

Those are the values for PC, Xbox might differ.

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