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Hello Everyone, I have updated the guide a minor bit for MOD 10. Please check out the ‘Weapon Enchantment’ Section, The Explanation of the Variation of my build when you’re choosing ‘Have Faith’ & also, I have updated the Mounts Part as well & I’ll be updating the Armor Part Eventually when I have time to properly check out the names of the new armor (Still recovering from the Zika Virus so try to give me time as I’m trying my best)



Good day everyone, my name is Jarek. I’m a long time member of The Holy Crusaders guild & the recently made Relentless Alliance. I present today, my current DC build for pve content, which will be AC righteous. This will basically be a guide that not only displays my current build/feats in use, also some of the simpler things that will be common knowledge for cleric enthusiasts and will answer questions for those who aren’t so familiar with the cleric class, like my opinions on the gear to get, mount abilities, race to use, and so on. It’s my first time doing this so feel free to give constructive criticism. (I want to note as well every single inch isn’t calculated besides the fundamentals most other clerics will already know & also note that the lifesteal ring in my picture isn’t viable for this build, the actually ability of it, but because of the two offense slots it possesses thanks to it being legendary, I opted to go for it since you don’t get these rings everyday.)

The understanding of this particular pve build

With this build, I just want to simply summarize that your goals is to make your party dps beasts(Buff/Debuff build) with passable heals. As a DC, you can give your party such excellent buffs to help them defensively and most importantly help them offensively to destroy anything that’s in their way. With being a DC and along with choosing righteous, you give your party a huge increase in terms of their damage. (Feats like bear your sins and condemning gaze combined makes targets you tagged with your damage over time abilities take 25% more damage). This build will make you the life of the party and well appreciated by your hard hitting comrades.


Why Choose AC Righteous & not DO Righteous?

I actually, for my support builds, used to be strict DO righteous. One day, while discussing with a fellow guild member who’s into clerics as much as I am, she was suggesting to me to use AC instead of DO since I was clearly more support oriented than actual DPS oriented which I believe DO does give more flexibility when it comes to personal DPS which has never really been a goal of mine. So we went to the test server together and we spent a lot of time testing everything in terms of AC righteous and she showed me it will better be suited for my taste to which I agreed, tried and never looked back since. As mentioned here, if you know you want to be the best support possible, I do believe that AC has better options for that, especially with the whole ‘Anointed Army vs the dailies DO specifically has’ debate. I also understand the DO’s point of view with foresight saying with that feat and the benefit of foresight feat from the faithful paragon, you give your party 13% less incoming damage that lasts for only 10 seconds. (When you heal others, this activates. Basically it’s 8% from rank 4 foresight itself and an additional 5% from benefit of foresight).

In my opinion, I believe if you’re striving for righteous support and point out DO for that reasoning, it’s not a good choice for what you want to achieve because hypothetically speaking if you heal a Control Wizard, it activates and in that 10 seconds on let’s say, on Orcus in Castle Never, he/she randomly gets a supposed 204k hit while the foresight buff is up, that person will still die. 13% of 204000 is 26520 so it’s 204000 – 26520 = 177480 and I know no Control Wizard has that sort of health. If you’re AC and activate Anointed Army, that person will survive since that daily makes any player ‘take very little damage’ for the duration it’s activated.(Basically saying that with AA up, it can save you from those possible one shots which foresight won’t). Another instance can be as well if a Guardian Fighter is struggling on a boss fight like yet again, Orcus in CN, and needs a bit of a survivability boost, the same Anointed Army daily will better serve him/her than anything Divine Oracle has to offer. Divine Oracle still rocks if you’re looking for personal glory/damage giver and it can certainly be a choice to support, but if you want to support much more efficiently, thanks to the options like Anointed Army and Blessing of Battle & the feat it possesses in the Virtuous Tree if you’re AC, I just believe Anointed Champion is better suited.



The dragonborn race is to me the best available option for righteous regardless if you’re more support oriented with your buffs or dps oriented. In looks, it’s absolutely ugly. Not even beer goggles can save it but what it brings to the table is great. It gives you +2 Stats to any two stats you want (Basically either +2 WIS & STR or +2 WIS & CHA), +5% incoming healing and it increases power and critical rating by 3%, you can’t go wrong with that at all. Other choices include Half Elf which gives +2 CON, a choice of +2 CHA or WIS, ‘Knack for success’ which includes +1% crit severity and ‘Dilettante’ which is a +1 ability score to a non class ability. Sun Elf is also valid in choices because of the Action Point Gain it brings along with the choice of +CHA if you’re into recovery. Human is an alright choice but not worth it in my opinion with the whole ‘three extra heroic feat points’ debate when us clerics don’t have spectacular options in this regard. (I just want to point out, I brought up the stuff each race brings to the table, but talking strictly looks, if you know you care about your looks, then dragonborn is not for you. I personally went for Sun Elf strictly for the looks).


Ability Rolls

Before I explain what to roll, I just want to say there’s really no wrong choice between WIS (Bonus Healing/Damage), STR (Critical Chance Increase by 1% per point) & CHA (Adds to recharge speed and Action Point Gain by 1% per point). With that being said, it’s really a choice between going all in on WIS/STR or WIS/CHA and in my opinion, I’ll go for the WIS/STR side of this because I believe you’re better off placing all silveries into your gear’s offensive slots since 200 recovery = 1% recharge speed (1 CHA = 1% recharge speed) and for the STR, it’s 400 crit stat = 1% crit chance so you should indeed go for the WIS/STR all in since you get better bang for your buck and can cover the recharge speed through enchantments and other means like your artifacts, rings, etc. I learned from Kaelac’s old stat guide back in the days that there’s great balancing rolling between 16 WIS, 16 STR & 12 CHA or 16 WIS, 15 STR & 13 CHA so really aim for one of these two. I’ll just add for my ideals of this build, you will want to go for the 16 WIS, 16 STR, 12 CHA. After this, when you’re finally leveling or even using a respecc, as mentioned, you’re going all in to WIS/STR. See pic below to get the idea:


Power Points Allocation and Feats

Basically you are witnessing a layout of how I allocated the 98 points I got available on my DC. What I’ll list now are moves you’ll 100% for sure, want to get to rank 4 as quickly as possible and in the order I believe you should strive for:

Hallowed Ground – d
Anointed Army – d
Break the Spirit – e
Divine Glow – e
Blessing of Battle – a
Astral Shield – e
Bastion of Health – e
Chains of Blazing Light – e
Holy Fervor – p
Divine Fortune – p
Healer’s Lore – p
Astral Seal – p
Hastening Light – p
Forgemaster’s Flame – e



  • Blessing of Battle – Most used because of the Power buff and decent Damage
  • Lance of Faith – No buff but faster animation (Fills less Divinity than BoB)


  • Break the Spirit – First to max, high solo-target debuff/damage buff for allies
  • Divine Glow – Buffs + Survivability for the group
  • Forgemaster’s Flame / Prophecy of Doom – solotarget buff + some damage
  • (Situational)Bastion of Health – Good for decent heals and even clutch heals if the group lacks survivability
  • (Situational)Chains of Blazing Light – Nice clear for solo content, helps outdamaging others in dungeons lol
  • (Situational)Exaltation – Decent buff, recommended beside BtS and DG if you are with one main DD
  • (Situational)Astral Shield – if you are running with a Into the Fray Tank


  • Hallowed Ground – Best Choice towards group damage and some resistance
  • Anointed Army – Solid option, shares 50% of your power + lets each hit ally survive some hits/seconds if they struggle


  • Holy Fervor – My main AP-Gain way
  • Anointed Armor – Increases Survivability
  • Divine Fortune – Faster Divinity Gain, not my favorite but worth using if you feel like

Heroic Feats & Paragon Tree


Basically this is how my feats/build look currently, both heroic and paragon (31 righteous, 10 virt).

Heroic Feats

I want to explain here for those who really don’t know this, but god, the cleric heroic feats are so awful. These are my options/choices for them, but read my explanations carefully for the ones I took & the ones I passed on.

Healing Word
– 3/5, You basically gain 1/2/3/4/5% more action point gain when using a healing ability. To sum up, this is so useless in my opinion but because of the other horrible feats, had no choice here.

Greater Fortune – 3/3. ‘Your wisdom now grants 3% more healing’. Take this

Toughness – 3/3. ‘Increases your max HP by 3/6/9%’. A free HP boost so take.

Holy Resolve – 0/3. ‘Gain 5/10/15% of your max hp as hit points when you’re below 30% max hp. Has a 5 minute cooldown’. I don’t like this either, don’t see the use. However, if you’re not feeling the healing action, you can indeed take this if you want ‘extra insurance’ in a near death situation.

Domain Synergy – 0/5. ‘You gain 1/2/3/4/5% more recovery’. This isn’t worth it at all. Best way to explain, if you got 7000 recovery and max this out, you gain 5% of 7000 = 350 so 7000 + 350 = 7350. Yea, not worth it.

Weapon Mastery
– 3/3. ‘Increases your critical chance by 1/2/3%’. Take it, embrace it as it adds to your crit chance. Something that’s actually useful for us.

Initiate of The Faith – 0/5. ‘Your crit stat is increased by .2/.4/.6/.8/1% of your power stat’. This is so bad. Don’t bother with this.

Repurpose Soul
– 3/3. ‘When one of your spells has a critical effect, the target of that spell disperse a small area of effect heal, healing yourself and your allies for 5/10/15% of the spell’s effect.’ Basically here, it’s free heals so you definitely want to take this.

Battlewise – 0/3. ‘You create 2/4/6% less threat’. Don’t even bother with this.

Cleanse – 1/3. ‘When you heal an ally, you have a 10/20/30% chance to remove a damage over time effect from them. You may not re-cleanse for a target for 8 seconds’. You just need one point here, it actually procs alot, no need to have any more than one point & in my opinion, it’s very useful compared to the other choices.

Templar’s Domain – 0/5. ‘When dealing damage, you have a 5/10/15/20/25% chance to gain 30% more armor penetration for 5 seconds.’ Not the goal of this build and besides, this feat is useless. So many other ways to get your armor penetration to the 60% Resistance Ignored goal anyways if it’s important to you. I also learned there’s a 5 minute cooldown & if this is accurate, 100% not worth it.

Bountiful Fortune – 4/5. ‘Gain 3/6/9/12/15% more divine power.’ Not much more to say here, take this. Helps with your divine power.


Furious Intervention 5/5: You generate 10% more ap with your damaging moves. This gives you great AP gain and since this build is not ‘dps’, you must take this instead of astral fury.

Ancient Warding 5/5: When Anointed Army is over, it heals for 3% max hp and gives allies 5% of their own AP. A must have.

Weapons of Light 5/5
:- Not much to say here, you give allies 10% of your power so get this.

Bear your Sins 5/5
: Enemies that are affected by your DMG over time effects takes 10% more dmg from all sources. This along with what I’m going to explain next is the whole point of being righteous so make sure to take this and the following (Condemning Gaze).

Condemning Gaze 5/5: Your damaging encounter powers applies a stack of ‘Condemned’ for 30 secs. When the foe reaches to 5 stacks of this, it takes 15% more damage from all sources for 15 secs. Again, the whole point of being righteous, so take this.

Fire of the Gods 5/5
: This is important to have being AC righteous because it will help proc bear your sins. Also, if you have a plague fire or dread enchantment, this helps as well to proc this.

Avatar of the Divine 1/1
: The Capstone. ‘When you enter combat you gain Avatar. Avatar increases your damage by 40% and increases your cooldown speed by 40% for 25 seconds. After you have activated Avatar you cannot benefit from it again for 60 seconds. Avatar will reactivate automatically when it is ready. Leaving combat cancels Avatar and resets its cooldown’. Not much more to say about it except take it.


Lasting Wishes 5/5
: You heal for 10% more. Basically, you’re a DC regardless if you’re righteous. Depending on your party set up, you’ll have to have some sort of heal. This will help your heals to be better.

Batter Fervor 5/5: When you have Blessing of Battle slotted and tagged it on a mob or boss, you give your party 15% of your power. This along with weapons of light is great to have, gives your party that extra 25% of your power.

Variations of this Build with Fire of the Gods.

I updated this part in a way to properly display the variations I previously explained here through typing. I took away my explanation of me not going with gift of haste & added pictures now of the variations for those who didn’t understand before so check out the following:

1) 1/5 Fire of the Gods & 4/5 Gift of Haste – As previously mentioned in my older post, I’m not a huge fan of this feat, however if you’re struggling for AP gain, then this variation is for you. Please check here.

2) 1/5 Fire of the Gods & 4/5 Have Faith(For PC Users) Basically for us, as the Guardian Fighter’s ITF was fixed where our moves like Astral Shield, Have Faith won’t be a booster to it anymore however it isn’t ‘completely useless’ as at least you can still have this move to give your party an added Dmg resistance.(For XBox & PS4 Users) No changes for y’all, this variation is for those who are big on that DC/GF synergy & basically run with a GF majority, if not, all the time. Hallowed Ground, Astral Shield are among the abilities us DC’s possess that boosts a GF’s ITF. Have Faith is also another way to boost their ITF. Please check here

3) 1/5 Fire of the Gods & 4/5 Desperate Restoration – This variation is for those who might have that ‘healer’s feel’ despite speccing to righteous. Since Lasting Wishes has been constant in my build, adding Desperate Restoration will be viable if you want to cover heals even more since righteous is weak in that category. Please check here.


Understanding & building Divinity, Divine Mode and Empowered

This part will be for those people who never quite understood the ‘tab’ mechanics on the DC. I’ll do my best to explain these things for a better understanding:

Divinity – Divinity is simply, when you attack the mobs/bosses with your at-wills, you should notice there’s a bar to the left of your screen that fills up. For each time it’s full, a cross(pip) will light up. It will mean that you have one pip of divinity. Do your best to actively attack so you can fill up all three pips. Being AC you get Blessing of Battle and it’s the best builder of divinity available to a cleric. The cast time of it is slow and it may seem a bit weird using it, but it’s as mentioned, the best builder of your divinity with Astral Seal second placed out of the four at-wills you have available. (I want to make clear, you only build divinity through you at-wills).

Divine Mode – When you have divinity available from the bar, you can press the ‘TAB’ button and you’ll enter divine mode. In this mode, it allows you to cast encounter powers regardless of cooldowns and also, it changes your encounter powers in the sense that it will have a different effect. For each encounter used, it takes a pip from your divinity bar, so if full, you can use up to 3 encounters in a row without any CD. A side note to this is you need to read your powers. The descriptions will tell you the different effects it has in divine mode, normal, empowered, etc. (At-wills) are also replaced in divinity mode but as I mention, read your powers to understand.

Empowered encounters/skills
– When you’re in divine mode, every time you used an encounter/spell, you gain a blue orb that will float around you. That’s the empowered stack. You can gain up to three of those orbs. The moment you switch from divinity to use any encounter, that encounter you use will consume the number of orbs you had and it will make your encounter stronger so basically, the more orbs, the better for your next encounter outside of divine mode.

What you should have slotted in your dungeon runs

Clerics are all about getting a feel of the situation and understanding what to do in those situations. The following will be a list of moves you will be switching in between the most depending on what situation you are up against.

At wills

Blessing of Battle – As mentioned, despite its slow cast time, it’s still legit to use because it’s the best divinity builder we clerics have. Also, for the build itself, as you have your points into battle fervor, you’re giving your party that power buff.

Astral Seal
– This is your sidekick to BoB. It can help with divinity since it’s the second best divinity builder based on research & also it can help a little with your heals. (Try to not use this during activities like Dragon flight, heralds & tiamat as it apparently still causes bad lag in these instances when so many people are around.)


Divine Glow
– Cleric-ing at its finest. This move in almost all situations, you’ll have it(Heals as well). This is perfect especially for the trash mobs you’ll encounter in dungeons since you can tag them all and with critical hits, you’ll have your buffs active on more than one target. (Note that DG doesn’t proc your weapon enchantments, still….)

Break the Spirit
– This is the best, the butter to your bread . In empowered, this give your party 10% dmg per stacks of empowered consumed, so basically, full empowered = 30%. This is love, this is life & the fact it’s CD is so short, it has basically a 100% up time. Just use, sit back and watch your allies melt and destroy. (Single Target so great on boss fights especially)

Bastion of Health – Slotted in case your party needs the heals. It’s the strongest heal we have.

Astral Shield (For PC Users), Astral Shield won’t be boosting a GF’s ITF anymore for this Mod 10 update however it will be still useful if the party is squishy and will need the protection. (For XBOX & PS4 Users), This situation is basically if you either realize your party is ridiculously squishy or have a Guardian Fighter in the party. You can use this and along with Hallowed Ground, it’s a booster for the GF’s Into the fray which buffs the party even more (Astral Shield at Rank 4 improves the GF’s ITF buff by 40% while HG is a 35% boost).

Chains of Blazing Light – This is another option for your AoE along with Divine Glow. If your party seems to not really need heals, you can switch out DG for Chains since the main difference here is, chains will procc your weapon enchantment.

Forgemaster’s Flame
– I use this in either a situation where the party needs no sort of heals and I use this along with Divine Glow & Break the Spirit, Or, if there’s another DC in the party, one DC should use Break the Spirit, the other should use Forgemaster’s Flame.


Hallowed Ground – It’s something you must use. It enhances damage and damage resistance for your allies by 35% (leads back to what was mentioned earlier with GF’s being around with their DR and the whole boost to ITF). This daily along with Anointed Army, the dps in your party will be in heaven.

Anointed Army – This is quite the awesome daily to use. This to me is the ideal option to use basically with trash mobs battles since Hallowed Ground might be a waste in those 3-5 second trash mob battles and AA is also ideal in particular boss fights. To explain this daily in particular, it’s a huge power booster which studies/testing show is it’s 50%. That’s 50% your allies gain of your power & with BoB + Weapons of Light, power galore! Along with cc immunity and making you take less incoming damage for at least 10 seconds, this is truly a great daily along with HG. (Note that, as was explained to me, AA + BoB together will not build upon your buffed power, using instead your base total from equipment, enchantments etc. However, while this means using AA after bonding procs will not benefit you, using it before will. This is as AA will apply to your pet as well as nearby allies and thus create a stronger bonding proc. Thanks @lerapiso818 for this explanation.)

Class Feats

Divine Fortune
– Builds 5% extra divine power for every point into it, so getting this at rank 3 or 4(I currently use this at rank 4 with the heroic feat bountiful fortune at rank 4/5 since I went 1/3 in cleanse). The combo of this & bountiful fortune builds/recharges your divinity in no time.

Healer’s Lore – Basically, if you feel your party needs the heals in anyway, slot this so it can help you heal even more since at rank 4, increases the potency of your heals by 20%

Holy Fervor – Your attacks generate 5% extra action point gain. Having this maxed out is a beauty. I have this slotted most of the time and helps a lot with my AP gain. With the way I play and want to spam out my dailies, this is actually perfect for me personally and if you fit this mold, slot it.

Hastening Light – This will basically, when maxed, reduce your allies’ recharge time by 4 seconds. I’m honestly in the middle with this. I heard it’s working now so at least you really get the recharge speed down by 4 seconds however, I know from testing with my fellow guild mate, that the offhand feat didn’t work and I am not sure if they truly fixed it since then. If it’s fixed, it’s valuable to slot then in my opinion.

Anointed Armor – This should only be used when you feel you’re having personal problems surviving.



Armor set

Top Tier – Currently, it’s the Dragonflight/Elemental Dragonflight gear. The best combo to rock in my opinion for this build will be 3/4 Dragonflight Restoration (The helm, chest piece and bracers) and 1/4 Dragonflight Raid (The boots). My reason for this specific combo is because it gives an excellent amount of critical with a big piece of recovery from the chest.

Alternatives – If the dragonflight gear isn’t immediately in your reach, then settle for the Alliance Restoration set (The T1 set from the PE vendor) and from that, move on to the Elven set (3/4 Restoration Set which will be the bracers, helm and boots and 1/4 Assault which will be the chest piece for the power and crit) or the Dusk set (3/4 Restoration which will be the helm, chest & braces and 1/4 Raid which will be the boots)

The other alternatives if possible – Basically, this option is more if you have it laying around from the previous mods which will be the High Prophet set. I know quite a good bit of clerics that still got this around. I’m not a huge fan but still, it’s an option for sure and it will make your party melt things more. Also, another alternative if you have the Dragonflight gear is mixing this gear with the Dusk Restoration. A nice balance will be 2 of the Dragonflight (Restoration helm & Raid Boots) & 2 Dusk (Restoration Chest & Restoration Braces. This also with 2 pieces, when in a party, gives 5000 hp, 1000 power & defense. Pretty nifty option.)

Shirt and Pants

Best to have – This is a toss up. Either you can go for the Prelate Gemmed Exquisite Elemental Chainmail & Chausses because of the stats or the Drowcraft Shirt & Pants because with that set, when you land a critical strike, you heal allies for 1% of their max hp up to 1000 and it occurs once every three seconds. Whatever floats your boat here. (The drowcraft is quite easy to obtain if you’re budgeting AD)
Weapon and Offhand

Best to have – In my opinion, I will suggest the burning set. You get this from farming the fiery pit (Must take the elemental quest for this in Protector’s Enclave by the big tree first). I absolute love this set as it gives you back 25% of your ap as you use a daily. I think they still have the tooltip wrong as it used to read ‘A chance to restore’. It’s not a chance, it’s a guaranteed 100% that you’ll get back 25% of your ap when you use a daily power. For my play style & the build, it’s golden. (Please note that there’s an internal CD of this set of 30 seconds)

– If you somehow can’t get the burning set, a worthy mention can be the twisted set. You get this from farming epic demogorgon. You get a nice defense and power boost from it, so it’s a great, valid option.


Best to have – Greater Belt of Wisdom, Tiamat Sash, Greater Imperial Waistband of Honor, All are valid choices, I prefer the latter two because of the crit stat it has and the imperial one gives +2 STR as well.


Best to have
– If you can get a hold of the +5’s legendary rings like Ring of Brutality+5, Ring of Sudden Precision +5, Ring of Rising Power +5, Ring of Rising Precision+5 or Ring of Rising Recovery+5, two out of those five and you should be golden. If you can’t, settle for the +4’s of these same exact rings.

Alternatives – x2 of either the Personalized Adamant Ring of Recovery or x2 Rosegold Raid Ring. If these rings aren’t obtainable, your other bets include the Dragonflight/Elven Restoration Rings, Dragonflight/Elven Raid Rings, Drowcraft Raid/Restoration Rings

Reinforcement Kits

Best to have – For this build, you’ll want to work on/purchase the Major Critical Strike Armor Kit to give yourself a boost to your crit chance (4 kits is 200 x 4 = 800, therefore 800 crit = 2% extra crit chance).

Alternative – If you can’t get Major, settle for Greater Critical Strike Armor Kit. In my opinion however, it’s not that hard to get the Major kits. You either work up your profession (Leather working makes these kits) or you save the AD up and buy it. (170k per kit currently so will def. recommend leveling up leather working)


Best to have – Greater Imperial Dragon Cloak – Basically any cloak that has great stats for us like Power/Crit/Recovery and along with that, has ‘Increase Action Point Gain by _% every 3 seconds while in combat’ effect.

Weapon and Armor enchantment

Weapon Enchantment (For PC Users)
 – As Mod 10 is finally here, there were quietly some changes to the debuff enchantments. Thanks to my guildies @groo111 & @archangelzorak01, they informed me and showed me these changes. The enchantments like Plague & Terror are now completely useless as they don’t give your party decent dmg increase. The plague for example, currently gives 1.3% increase to your party in dps which isn’t alot. So for the PC Users, our choices will be still Dread & Vorpal (For that crit severity which will give us stronger heals) & the debuff enchantments that have now emerged for us are Transcendent Bronzewood & the Pure & Transcendent Frost. Transcendent Bronzewood gives a 5% increase in dmg to your allies while Pure Frost & Transcendent Frost gives a 7% increase. My only knock on these enchantments are the bad uptimes. Trans Bronzewood is basically a 50% uptime while Pure & Frost, if the tooltip is correct, it only lasts 4 secs and occurs once every 20 seconds.

(For XBOX & PS4 Users) –  You guys aren’t affected by the changes as yet so the same enchantments apply here which will be Plague, Terror, Dread, Vorpal. (At least try to get to greater rank and upwards)

For Armor – Soulforged or if you’re confident enough to not need soulforged, then use Negation.



The artifacts that I find to be great for this build will be:

Sigil of the Devoted – Power/Defense/Incoming Heal Bonus

Symbol of Fire – Power/Recovery/Defense

Sigil of the Hunter – Power/Recovery/Stamina/Guard Gain

Sigil of the Controller – Power/Critical Strike/Control Resist

I like these four together. A great power boost, good addition to recovery and that extra critical strike. I’ll say later on about the stats that will be important to this build. Honorable mentions of artifacts/artifacts to think about if you can’t get the ones I mainly stated are:

Thayan Book of the Dead – Critical Strike/Armor Penetration/Action Point Gain.

Heart of the Blue Dragon
– Critical Strike/Recovery/Combat Advantage Bonus.

Heart of the Black Dragon
– Recovery/Armor Penetration/Action Point Gain.

Symbol of Air – Power/Recovery/Movement

Tiamat’s Orb of Majesty – Power/Crit/Recovery/Armor Penetration/Action Point Gain.

Sigil of the Oathbound Paladin – Max HP/Power/Aoe Resist (The ability of this will also be useful to use if you have a GF since it increases DR)



Offense slot: I’m assuming most guilds have the barracks in their SH’s up and running so if you do, you are going to activate the power boon, giving you the liberty to slot silveries for recovery in your offense. If you don’t possess a power boon, you’ll have to slot radiants in your offense. At least you want to strive for rank 8’s +. (Note as well, if you feel you need a balance, cruel enchantments, which are power & recovery together, will be the answer for you, however, you must go all in for this enchantment to get the full benefit meaning slotted in every offense slot & I also believe for starters, you must have this at least rank 9 & up, maybe even 10 for starters.)

Defense slot
: Radiants for HP. You want to at least get to rank 8’s and work your way up if possible.

Utility Slot: Dark enchantments rank 7’s, Dragon Hoard’s, Fey Blessings, Quartermaster’s Enchantment, whatever you can get there that’s rank 7+

Overload Slot: Greater Black Dragon Glyph/Greater White Dragon Glyph/Greater Corrupt Black Ice Enchantment/Greater Corrupt Lethal Enchantment

The stats to prioritize for AC pve righteous support

Power – Power is the love of DC’s, it’s the life. Basically the more power for us, the better. You want to realistically get to at least 18k power and work your way up to as much as you possibly can.

Recovery – For this build, ideally you’ll want to get a reasonable number of at least 6k recovery+ and work it up to as much as you can. (Currently on over 11.6k and an example is it gives me a 7 sec CD on my BTS while at 6k, it’s roughly around 8.4 secs which is pretty good so I found 6k to be an obtainable goal to start but as stressing here, do your best to build it up as much as you can after that 6k point).

Critical Strike – You want a good critical chance number. With the gear that’s recommended along with going all WIS/STR in your ability points, you should be around 27-30% for starters and just find ways to work upwards from there if possible. (30% is a solid number for this build. Since we’re not dpsing here, we truthfully don’t need that much after this point.)

Action Point Gain – If you can add to this number in any way, that will be great, it adds to the percentage of AP gain which is important for us clerics to get the dailies up faster.

Hit Points – This is more like the common stuff for any DC to have. Build this to whatever you can. At least get it over 110k for starters and work your way up.

Defense & Dmg Resistance – This isn’t a big deal for righteous, whatever number you’re on, roll with it. If you have problems, slot Anointed Armor. Other than this, just be alert and dodge when needed (If you rock a companion & bondings, the defense slots in your companion’s gear can be used with azures and when proccing, will give you good defense along with if you use negation for those who wants the ‘Better safe than sorry’ feel).

Lifesteal – This can be a great help for you if you take those one or two surprise hits. Our self heals are pretty weak & regen is a bit useless in my opinion so lifesteal will benefit you. The number you’ll want to aim for is roughly 5-10% for this build. (You’ll see later on through boons & your companion, you’ll get this easily)



UPDATED! – Went to the test server to experiment with some boons & changed it a little bit. The following are the boons you’ll take from each campaign. (Note well, I only completed 6/7 in the ToD campaign, if you have that maxed, you can go 3/3 into Dragon’s Fury or 1/3 Dragon’s Fury & 2/3 Dragon’s Thirst.):


Dread Ring

Icewind Dale




Maze Engine

Elemental Evil

Stronghold Boons (Varies based on what your guild has available, which for my guild, I’m using, power/hp/mount speed bonus)




The new mod is finally out. As most should have known, the changes for the bondings were on the test server weeks beforehand. Because the bondings now give the stats in just one proc, it effectively ended the need to get companions just because of how that fast they proc those bondings. I just want to add before I continue on, that your goals are still the same in that you want to at least get your three bondings to perfect & work them up to rank 12. The following are options for the main companion that, thanks to suggestions, raised my curiosity because of particular abilities they possess:

Sellsword (Active = 300 power on epic)


  • Three offense slots.
  • It possesses a great debuff called ‘Consumed by Battle’ which when unlocked at level 30, shreds the target’s defense by 10% when the third strike of wicked strike hits. (This is an AoE as well so perfect for mobs along with being good in single target)
  • This debuff can stay up easily thanks to wicked strike’s CD of 2 seconds
  • If you use protector’s camaraderie/friendship, this will get all four stacks in no time.
  • It’s a melee companion so greater chance for it to die easily
  • Due to the heightened chance of perishing in battle, the sellsword may occasionally have trouble getting the third hit required to proc the debuff.
  • Furthermore, upon its death, any debuff applied by the sellsword will disappear.
  • It has random times where it stands around, doing nothing. (To fix this, just move a bit, so it can follow you, thus making it active again)
  • If the buff is up & your companion happens to miss a window to keep it up, the buff will last only 3 secs until your companion will easily proc it again.

Overall: This turned out to be a great option & I believe it’s worth the investment as a main companion (Overall, I view this as your second best option & you’ll see why later on). We must remember as DC’s, we don’t even have that many options in the first place to choose from so companions like this are welcomed. As a righteous AC Cleric, you can give this companion more survivability thanks to your Anointed Army daily & Astral Shield if a GF is in the party. To properly test, myself & my guildie @bonnine took off our weapon enchantments & practiced on the dummies by hitting it with at-wills to get a better understanding of how good this debuff is & studies showed its effectiveness was 110% meaning it was a 10% increase in damage it gives & we found out it stacks with plague & bear your sins so that’s a huge plus. (Weapons of Light appears on the companions bar but actually adds nothing to it)

Ambush Drake (Active = 165 Armor Penetration & Recovery)
  • Two offense slots & one defense slots. (This is passable)
  • Has a debuff called ‘Deadly Infection’ which unlocks at level 30 that makes its attack ‘Septic Bite’ apply a 20% defence debuff.
  • Septic bite is a 1.5 second CD thus getting protector’s camaraderie/friendship up pretty quickly & keeping up the debuff easily.
  • Single target so excellent on boss fights.


  • It won’t be great on mobs, since the debuff is single target. (Don’t sweat this too much though, as mobs die quickly now-a-days anyway.)
  • The active is useless.
  • Another close ranged companion so susceptible to dying more. (The stealth does help its survival to an extent.)
  • Death = The debuff will disappear immediately.

Overall: I believe this is the ‘BIS’ option to have as a main companion. It’s worth the investment & the same principles as the sellsword where this debuff is a 20% increase in dmg whereas the sellsword is 10% & it also stacks with the plague fire & bear your sins, however, this is super rare to get thanks to the fact that it can only be obtained from a Mysterious Drake Summoning Scroll that was only available in early December 2014 & has not returned since. So in a nutshell, if you have the option between the two, the drake will be better since it’s debuff is stronger. If you don’t have a choice with these two, you must go with the sellsword.

I also tested the Lillend & it was such a disappointment. Too buggy for my taste. Also, I currently don’t possess a Harper Bard so no way to test for me, so I can’t truly say off of personal use if it’s valid or not (I only have words from friends that it’s a great choice but I would rather test it myself). If you have any companions you believe are valid to try that have a noteworthy buff/debuff, feel free to comment/contact me in-game so I myself can actually see if I can obtain that companion & test myself. This next list here are just companions to have along with your main that have decent enough active bonuses :-

Erinyes of Belial – Critical Severity. Won’t hurt to have this. 5% on rare, 10% on epic.

Dancing Blade – Critical Severity. 3% on rare, 5% on epic

Lillend – Upon using a daily power, heals your allies for 2% of their max hp once every 30 seconds.

Owlbear Cub – On encounter use, if you fail to critically hit, do an additional hit for damage equal to 50% of your power.

Laughing Skull – On the start of combat, 500 power and 500 recovery for 25 seconds.

Cambion Magus – Critical Severity – 5% on rare, 10% on epic.

Polar Bear Cub – 5% outgoing heal bonus

Sprite – 2% Action Point Gain

Book Imp – 2% Recharge Speed

For those who can’t actually go down this bonding route, simply go for the augments if you can. Cheap alternatives like the Goat & Ioun stone of allure should do you well as a stat booster.

The following is an up to date picture of companions I currently use:- (Sellsword, Lillend, Zhentarim warlock(looking to replace this), Erinyes of Belial & Dancing Blade)

What to use on the companion/bonding combo?

Loyal avenger gear on whatever companion you end up using if you’re running the whole bonding story. For the actual enchantments in the companion gear, for your offense, you can go with what you like here. Radiants to get even more power, silveries for more recharge speed/ap gain or azures for more crit chance. Really depends what you will personally want/lack & for the defense slots, you should invest in either azures for defense if you have the high prophet on or darks for lifesteal since our self heals are weak. For both of these, you want to at least have rank 9’s +.



As we all know now, they added a mount system to the game which is pretty cool and useful. There’s a lot of valid options for us righteous DC’s in this department and I’ll be listing the ones that I found useful:

Artificer’s Persuasion – This basically when you activate your artifact, your recovery, movement, action point gain, and stamina gain are increased by 10% of your Power for 15 seconds. A very nice choice to work on. You can either go for one of this, or x2 to get that number from 10% to 12.5%

Artificer’s Influence – This is the ‘poor man’s’ artificer’s persuasion but it’s still valid to use. You can actually use artificer persuasion & artificer’s influence together when you use activate your artifact so it’s 10% + 5% if you have them at least once each.

Gladiator’s Guile – This one is golden, it’s so useful to have on whatever class really. When your stamina is above 75%, you move 15% faster. When your stamina is below 25%, gain 15% of your power as stamina gain. Enough said, get this.

Protector’s Camaraderie – Whenever your summoned companion attacks, you gain 3% of your power and defense for 10 seconds. This effect can stack up to 4 times. So 12% of your power and defense, not bad at all, very good option to have. (Protector’s Friendship is the cheap option, it’s 1% instead of 3% so overall, it’s 4% of your power & defense)

Barbarian’s Revelry – Whenever you perform a critical strike, you are healed for 1.5% of your maximum Hit Points. It’s alright, gives you a little bit of self healing in case you get a couple of minor to medium surprise hits from mobs.

Oppressor’s Reprieve – Whenever you are stunned, knocked, or immobilized, you are healed for 4% of your max HP over 4 seconds. Another option if you feel you need some self heals.

Champion’s Return – Whenever you are reduced to 50% Hit Points, you instantly recover 20% of your stamina and are healed for 20% of your max HP over 10 seconds. This effect can only occur once every 60 seconds. This can be a savior in an ‘Oh crap!!’ situation.

Cavalry’s Warning – Whenever you activate a mount combat power, you gain an increase of 10% to your power, recovery, armor penetration, critical strike, defense, deflection, regeneration, and life steal. Mount powers are only on legendary mounts so basically, if you got one, it will be a decent option.

Shepard’s Devotion – *UPDATED* Shepard’s Devotion finally works as intended. It finally gives what the tooltip says which is ‘Whenever you use a daily power, your teammates’ defense, deflection, and movement are increased by 5% of your power for 15 seconds.’ It’s still valid to use despite the change of it to work properly.
Slayer’s Redemption – Whenever you kill a target, you are healed for 10% of your maximum Hit Points over 5 seconds. One of the abilities added for Mod 10. Not bad really, can be pretty useful to have if you can’t get the other things on this list.
Assassin’s Covenant – You lose 10% of your Defense, Deflection, and Life Steal, and gain the combination of lost stats as Power. Again, another one that was added for Mod 10. I can see people making use of this so it’s a valid choice.
Berserker’s Rage – While you have full Action Points, you gain 10% of your Armor Penetration as Power. I saw this one and was instantly torn. It might be an alright choice but I won’t press that much for this ability because as a DC when you have full AP, the second that happens, you’re gonna pop off a daily so I can’t see this being super, super useful.

The following is a picture of what I currently have set up in my stable (Currently updated as of 6/16/2016):


Equip Power I currently use – Using a daily power grants 25% of your total action points over 10 seconds. This is via the Flail Snail mount. Basically, if you can’t afford this, other alternatives will be either mounts that provide power as a stat or recovery as a stat (Depending on what you lack of course. The Gorgon/Embellished Apparatus mounts are viable since they grant 15% of your total ap over 10 seconds). Check this link out via neverwinter gamepedia to see the mounts that provide power or recovery.

For more information on other bonuses and the mounts needed to achieve these bonuses, you can check it out at this helpful link most already know of (Credit to the creators of this chart, I do not own it).


If you are wondering what types of insignia to use, you simply are trying to get the ones with some sort of power, recovery and critical strike. To my personal opinion, it makes no difference, the insignia are more important to get the mount bonuses that the actual stats on it.

My current stats line

My current stat line (with no companion & bondings active) goes like this:





That will be it for me! Hope you enjoyed reading this build & my thoughts along the way. As mentioned at the start of my guide, I’m open for constructive feedback. It will be greatly appreciated. I just want to shout out a few people. My guild The Holy Crusaders for being great, my fellow officers in the guild for encouraging me to do this, my guild leader and one of my best friends Lia Knowles @rinat114 for helping me out as well on how to lay this out, format it and giving me the encouragement as well to do this in the first place & I’ll like to thank one of my guild mates specifically, @bonnine for actually helping me to lean towards the direction of AC righteous in the first place and giving me her thoughts as well throughout the way.

If there’s any questions you need answered, you can contact me in-game (Czar Jarek@jeffslider) or ask them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer as quickly as I can.

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