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Demogorgon and Epic Demogorgon
For a general description of the two raids, follow THIS LINK

Phase 1
There are 3 type of portals and the timer is 5 minutes
– Green: 3-4 smaller critters (few points)
– Blue: 3 medium critters (average points)
– Purple: 2 big critters (lot of points)

The goal is to close portals AND kill the critters that come out of it. If you obtain enough points, you get gold.
The best tactic is to focus the attention on purples only.
Since purples spawn ONLY 2 mobs, this is a good way to limit the number of sources that can damage us while having to kill fewer enemies to get a lot of points.
In general, a raid of players focusing ONLY on purples should reach gold with >1 minute left.

There is another advantage in focusing on purple only: all players stay together. That makes the job of tanks and healers much much easier.

Phase 2
For this we have a guide

ironzerg79 wrote:

Mechanics are pretty simple, but there’s a few and they can happen quickly and overwhelm you. Most are only fatal to you, but one critical mistake can cost your group a high score in this phase.

First, Goristo loves to be the center of attention. He’ll always hang out near the center of the room, and after he does a charge he ALWAYS jumps right back to the center. So after he charges, use this time to re-position yourself. Don’t go chasing after him, especially if you’re melee.

Second, as far as his charges go, he randomly picks ONE person to target and charge. You’ll get an orange flashing arrow pointing towards you. The key here is dealing with his charge:

WHAT YOU WANT TO DO: Aim him so he charges into a GOLD portal and takes 5% damage.
WHAT YOU DO NOT WANT TO DO: Aim him towards a BLACK portal, which heals him for 15% of his health.
IF YOU PANIC!!! Aim him south towards the door you came in so he doesn’t hit anything. While not optimal, if you panic and he hits a black portal, it’s a huge set back for the group.

Third, the GOLD portals and the BLACK portals switch after every charge phase. This is critical. If the GOLD are on the right side one time, then next time the GOLD portals will be on the left. Or you could get a zone where the portals are top and bottom, but they’ll switch in the same pattern each time. It’s important that you use the few seconds while you’re waiting for Goristo to leap back after his charge to make sure you’re near the correct side of the room.

If you’re comfortable dealing with his charge attacks, position yourself on the left or right side of the room per the spawn of the portals. Also stay close to him. The closer you are to him, the faster you can orbit around him to aim the charge. If you’re too far away, you won’t have enough time to move the arrow. Geometry people! Can you dig it?

If you’re NOT comfortable doing the charge dance with him, stand directly to the south of him. Just send the charge back towards the door. Focus more on bringing the best DPS you can, and don’t stress out about awkwardly running him into a BLACK portal. If Goristo is not led into a BLACK portal, most groups should have sufficient DPS to burn him down in 5 minutes, especially if you can get lucky on a few GOLD hits.

Fourth, he has a pattern to his attacks. Charge. Charge. Insanity Beam. Charge. Charge. Insanity Beam. So after his second charge, make sure you’re positioning to get back near a sanity well.

Fifth, he can be DPS’d down. This is why it’s so critical to NOT hit a BLACK portal. Even if you’re not very good at hitting the GOLD portals, having him heal is a far, far, far bigger set back than missing gold.

And that’s it. You just rinse and repeat the same phase over and over until he dissolves into black, viscous goo.

Schemes or the non epic and epic below

ironzerg79 wrote:


This is a whole ‘nother ball game.The strategy changes if you want to hit gold. You can’t brute force this with just DPS. Correctly positioning yourself so you can direct Goristo to the gold portal becomes your priority. Each phase there is only one single gold portal. Nobody is doing some much DPS that they can afford to not reposition themselves in between each charge. After Goristo charges, while you’re waiting for him to jump back to the center, start panning your camera to watch for the next gold portal. As soon as it appears, immediately and without pause to do anything else, move to be in the correct arc so that if you get charged, you can hit the portal.

Again, there is nothing more important that moving to that arc. Cancel all casting. Stop all DPS. Don’t pause for “juts one more spell”. Move. Your. Butt. Failing to move and properly align a charge in this phase could very likely cost your entire team Gold on the entire Demogorgon encounter. Don’t be that guy.


Phase 3
No particular tactic here.
Simply kill Demogorgon as fast as you can.
In the epic version, you might want to bring him to the middle because the number of wells is limited. And the additional ones spawn on the perimeter.

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