InsaneS – guild charter and rules

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Oct 062016

Our Vision

We want a guild where people are helpful, friendly and funny, and take full advantage of playing together to achieve their individual goals and those of the guild.


Our Mission

We want to create a fun environment by attracting people to the guild with a sense of humor. We help each other in achieving our personal goals in the game. We welcome people who share our values. To do this, we have an active policy for new members. Our policy of ranking also seeks to encourage cooperation and a shared value system.


Our Devises






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Stronghold – guild daily

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Oct 052016

What to farm?

The best you can do for our guild’s progression and for the guild marks (necessary to buy your stuff in the market): Farm 5 stronghold HEs daily (see currencies section for more detail), complete all stronghold daily quests (with Ranger and Builder, with other PNJ if necessary only and only from time to time and in function of building necessity…) and farm campagin currencies like a maniac (mostly ToD). There is much more to it but this should be the most needed.


Where to buy DragonFlight stuff?

The DF stuff can be bought in a Market level 4. If you have all necessary objects (xx Guild Marks, xx DF fangs and xx Seals of Protector) please go to the stronghold  guild Market and you can buy your equipment.

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Neverwinter – Tomb of Annihilation Hunting Guide: Star Hunts

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Aug 182017

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Requirements and Progression Pyramid

You need two requirements to do Star Hunts. First of all the corresponding tasks must be unlocked in the campaign (the left tree). After doing that you can to buy lures in the Hunter’s Square in Port Nyanzaru. One Tyrannosaurus Rex Fang and one of the other Trophies can be combined to buy a lure for a 1-Star Hunt. This also explains why Fangs are the bottleneck of the whole feature. It’s the hardest Trophy to get, yet is needed for every single lure.

The six 1-Star Hunts have a chance to drop new Trophies, which can be combined to trade for lure of 2-Star Hunts. All three trophies of the 2-Star Hunts then land players the lure for the King of Spines, the boss mob of the feature. Don’t mix it up with the Heroic Encounters by the way, both are not the same.

Other than rare mobs, the Star Hunts are not directly found in Soshenstar River. You need to place the lure in specific locations, which triggers the fight. The map below shows the location for all ten Star Hunts. It might not be final and will be updated as I progress with Hunting.


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Stronghold progression for Dummies

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Aug 032017

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Stronghold progression for Dummies


Every guild has their own unique Stronghold instance that only members of that guild/and alliance (if authorized) can enter. Characters of any level can enter, but characters below level 70 are raised to level 70 in Stronghold zone.

Each stronghold starts with a level 1 Guild Hall, but other structures should be developed over time by doing quests and donating to the Stronghold’s Coffer.


What is the interest to develop and maintain the Stronghold?

The points of interest are essentially by priority:

Stronghold Boons (char abilities)

Masterwork Professions (improved stuff / sales opportunities)

Dragon Flight Stuff (stuff for the good start)


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Soshenstar River Treasure Map Locations and Guide

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Jul 302017

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Soshenstar River Treasure Map Locations and Guide

As you probably know from our preview, the Treasure Hunt in back in Soshenstar River! Please check that article in case you’re looking for basic information about the feature. If you’re however unable to figure out a particular location, or are just lazy, we’ve got you covered in this one! The map below shows all treasure map pictures and their respective locations. With this info it should be easy to burn through your six maps per week and grab the loot.


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Control Wizard Mechanics Guide (Mod11.5)

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Jul 112017

@Copyright : Sharpedge@thefabricant

Note: Please read the original post updated – the extract here in after doesn’t contain Contents nor Credit sections


CW Mechanics Guide: (Mod 11.5)version of July 11, 2017

Author: Sharpedge@thefabricant


The following sections will be out of date as of mod 12:

  • DR Debuffs.
  • Weapon Enchantment.
  • Pet Active Bonuses.
  • Summoned Pet.
  • Mount Combat Power.
  • Active Artifact.
  • Statistics Optimisation.


I will try to update these sections as best as I can with the release of mod 12, but be wary investing into anything based on the information contained within these sections.

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Neverwinter – Oathbound Paladin Guide – mod11b

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Jul 032017

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Oathbound Paladin Guide

by @greyjay, @slappdaniel and @Its Viraaal

Credits to @thefabricant for proof-reading

This Guide explains how to be most efficient in group-content in mod 11b.

Being most efficient as a paladin means to maximize your buff-potential and your damage-output at the same time.

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Fangbreaker Island – guide

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Jun 242017

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Today it’s time to talk a bit about the dungeon Fangbreaker Island (FBI) again. Players have been able to enter the dungeon for a few weeks now and this post is meant to summarize what’s known so far. But first we give credit where credit is due and share the impressive run of Sharpedge (who also contributed to this article) and company:


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Neverwinter – Oathbound Paladin Heal (Oath of Devotion) build (mod 11) – Jade Quinn

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Jun 152017

@Copyright – DrPlague

Reviewed with Xorica / Jade Quinn (@xorp#3562) from Tornado of Souls (SoS Alliance) regarding specific skills used in hard dungeons and treats (06/26/2017) 

Welcome everyone, my name is DrPlague and I am here today to share with you all what I consider to be one of the better Healadin builds around. Most builds you find are either extremely out dated or simply just not as good at healing as they really should be. Before we start let me just say that this build is extremely low on the DPS side of things; most runs I do less DPS than the tank but in exchange I almost always top the heal charts compared to similarly geared DC’s and other healadins.

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Neverwinter – Character titles (neverwinter wiki)

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Jun 122017

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Title Method of Acquisition
Dungeon Delver Obtain the Dungeon Delving III achievement by completing 12 Adventure Zone Dungeon Achievements
Dungeon Master Obtain the Dungeon Mastery III achievement by completing 12 Epic Adventure Zone Dungeon Achievements


Title Method of Acquisition
Apprentice Scryer Find all the scrying stones in three questing zones
Expert Scryer Find all the scrying stones in seven questing zones
Master Scryer Find all the scrying stones in fourteen questing zones

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