InsaneS – guild charter and rules

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Oct 062016

Our Vision

We want a guild where people are helpful, friendly and funny, and take full advantage of playing together to achieve their individual goals and those of the guild.


Our Mission

We want to create a fun environment by attracting people to the guild with a sense of humor. We help each other in achieving our personal goals in the game. We welcome people who share our values. To do this, we have an active policy for new members. Our policy of ranking also seeks to encourage cooperation and a shared value system.


Our Devises






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Stronghold – guild daily

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Oct 052016

What to farm?

The best you can do for our guild’s progression and for the guild marks (necessary to buy your stuff in the market): Farm 5 stronghold HEs daily (see currencies section for more detail), complete all stronghold daily quests (with Ranger and Builder, with other PNJ if necessary only and only from time to time and in function of building necessity…) and farm campagin currencies like a maniac (mostly ToD). There is much more to it but this should be the most needed.


Where to buy DragonFlight stuff?

The DF stuff can be bought in a Market level 4. If you have all necessary objects (xx Guild Marks, xx DF fangs and xx Seals of Protector) please go to the one of  level+8 stronghold  guild Market and you can buy your equipment in one of these Alliance Markets đź™‚ .

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Fangbreaker Island – guide

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Jun 242017

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Today it’s time to talk a bit about the dungeon Fangbreaker Island (FBI) again. Players have been able to enter the dungeon for a few weeks now and this post is meant to summarize what’s known so far. But first we give credit where credit is due and share the impressive run of Sharpedge (who also contributed to this article) and company:


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Neverwinter – OP Healer build (mod 11)

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Jun 152017

@Copyright – DrPlague

Reviewed with Xorica / Jade Quinn (@xorp#3562) from our SoS Alliance regarding specific skills used in hard dungeons and treats (06/26/2017) 

Welcome everyone, my name is DrPlague and I am here today to share with you all what I consider to be one of the better Healadin builds around. Most builds you find are either extremely out dated or simply just not as good at healing as they really should be. Before we start let me just say that this build is extremely low on the DPS side of things; most runs I do less DPS than the tank but in exchange I almost always top the heal charts compared to similarly geared DC’s and other healadins.

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Neverwinter – Character titles (neverwinter wiki)

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Jun 122017

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Title Method of Acquisition
Dungeon Delver Obtain the Dungeon Delving III achievement by completing 12 Adventure Zone Dungeon Achievements
Dungeon Master Obtain the Dungeon Mastery III achievement by completing 12 Epic Adventure Zone Dungeon Achievements


Title Method of Acquisition
Apprentice Scryer Find all the scrying stones in three questing zones
Expert Scryer Find all the scrying stones in seven questing zones
Master Scryer Find all the scrying stones in fourteen questing zones

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River District Treasure Map

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May 242017

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River District Treasure Map Locations and Guide

As we’ve already mentioned in our preview, the maps can be found within Dig Sites. Each site has one map, meaning you can only loot nine maps per hour. While this means the mechanic is not uncapped like in SoMI, it has other advantages. The maps are no longer unique and you can stack them in your inventory. There are 18 different locations and maps, meaning you’ll need a bit of inventory space in case you do not want to go on the hunt right away. But this at least opens the possibility of farming locations multiple times and speeding up the whole process. If you got unlucky in SoMI, you had to travel across the whole map to open two chests. This should no longer happen in the River District.

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River District Artifact Weapons Restoration Guide

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May 162017

@Copyrigh :  DDM’S Realm

River District Artifact Weapons Restoration Guide

River District artifact weapons were added in Mod 11 for Neverwinter. The River District is an abandoned area of Neverwinter which you must work to reclaim. One of the nicest things that came out with the expansion are the new artifact weapons.  These weapons are specifically designed to have special set bonuses for your character’s specific role. Whether that’s a generalist, tank, healer or DPS, there is a weapon for you!

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Guild Hall decorations

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May 062017

Hello all,


I’m sure some of you have seen that with the latest patch, our guild hall has opened it’s doors 🙂

We can all contribute to the decorations that make our hall great. You can either get the decorations from auction, or better you can make them using professions.


Below is the full list of decoration and where you can get them from

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Fen’nik Control Wizard – Master of Flame Renegade/Thaumaturge PvE Build (mod 10+)

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May 052017

@Copyright Fen’nik 

Master of Flame Renegade/Thaumaturge PvE Build by Fennik

– This is a Control Wizard PvE Buff/Debuff Build –

The purpose of this build is to be flexible in all areas of the game with high focus on Ally Support.

This is not a perfect Support Build but it is well ballanced between ally buffs, enemy debuffs and personal dps which all in all will provide a viable addition to any party composition.

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Storm Kings Thunder – Module 10 Gear Progression

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Feb 162017

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Storm Kings Thunder Console Primer: Module 10 Gear Progression

Get hyped guys, because Storm Kings Thunder (SKT) is right around the corner on consoles! In the good tradition of our site, we want to make sure you are properly prepared for your travel to the north. So pack some warm socks and read our Primer!

Today we are looking at the Module 10 gear progression. 

Beware! Voninblod!

The major part of the new gear progression system is a new resource called Voninblod. It can be farmed from special Relic nodes throughout the three new maps. It’s similar to Black Ice node farming with the exception that Relics are a one-time interaction and don’t deplete after a certain time.

Voninblod is used to empower the new line of PVE gear that comes with Module 10. Each class gets two Frostborn sets that can be acquired in the Trade Bar store and several ZEN purchases. Similar to Dusk it is the a premium set that requires real-money currency, but is available right at the launch. The new Relic endgame BIS set comes from Fangbreaker Island. The one exception are the boots, which need to be farmed from Heroic Encounters in the Bryn Shander zone.

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