InsaneS – guild charter and rules

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Aug 202018

Our Vision

We want a guild where people are helpful, friendly and funny, and take full advantage of playing together to achieve their individual goals and those of the guild.


Our Mission

We want to create a fun environment by attracting people to the guild. We help each other in achieving our personal goals in the game. We welcome people who share our values. To do this, we have an active policy for new members. Our policy of ranking also seeks to encourage cooperation and a shared value system.


Our Devises






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Stronghold progression for Dummies

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Aug 032017

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Stronghold progression for Dummies


Every guild has their own unique Stronghold instance that only members of that guild/and alliance (if authorized) can enter. Characters of any level can enter, but characters below level 70 are raised to level 70 in Stronghold zone.

Each stronghold starts with a level 1 Guild Hall, but other structures should be developed over time by doing quests and donating to the Stronghold’s Coffer.


What is the interest to develop and maintain the Stronghold?

The points of interest are essentially by priority:

Stronghold Boons (char abilities)

Masterwork Professions (improved stuff / sales opportunities)

Dragon Flight Stuff (stuff for the good start)


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Stronghold quests

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Feb 122017

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Stronghold Quests

Non-Repeatable Quests

Introductory Quests

Level Quest NPC
4 – 70 The Stronghold The Messenger
4 – 70 Meet the Team The Steward
20 – 70 The Stronghold Routine The Steward
20 – 70 For Love of the Stronghold The Steward

Storyline Quests

As the Guild Hall’s rank increases more storyline quests become available. All storyline quests are level 70.

Quest NPC Guild Hall Rank
Travel with Care The Ranger 1
My Fae Lady Master of Coin 3
What Lurks in the Corners The Cleric 5
Welcome to Homestead The Steward 7
A New Sheriff The Ranger 9
A Steward and His Mimic The Steward 11
Luskan’s History The Cleric 13
The Great Detective The Detective 15
Armed and Ready The Steward 17
A Mother’s Obsession, A Father’s Love The Steward 19


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Where to find stronghold vouchers?

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Jan 162017

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Vouchers are items that can be donated to the coffer in your guild Stronghold. Vouchers come in 4 tiers: Stolen Treasures, Lesser, Minor, and Major. Higher tier vouchers add more to your coffer. Vouchers can be obtained by defeating monsters in your Stronghold, completing certain quests from The Builder, from Greed of the Dragonflight and Stronghold Siege PvP. Campaign vouchers can be created from tasks in the Sharandar, Dread Ring and Icewind Dale Campaigns. Other crates that grant stronghold resources can be crafted from Alchemy, Artificing, Leadership, Leatherworking, Mailsmithing, Platesmithing, Tailoring and Weaponsmithing taks.
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Stronghold – guild daily

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Oct 052016

What to farm?

The best you can do for our guild’s progression and for the guild marks (necessary to buy your stuff in the market): Farm 5 stronghold HEs daily (see currencies section for more detail), complete all stronghold daily quests (with Ranger and Builder, with other PNJ if necessary only for the specific building and only from time to time and in function of building necessity…) and farm campagin currencies like a maniac (mostly ToD). There is much more to it but this should be the most needed. We specify in Mod (Message of the Day) what we need for the current building. Thanks in advance.


Where to buy DragonFlight stuff?

The DF stuff can be bought in a Market level 4. If you have all necessary objects (xx Guild Marks, xx DF fangs and xx Seals of Protector – obsolete sinc the last game upgrade) please go to the stronghold  guild Market and you can buy your equipment. After the last game update the DF stuff is no more good, but with DragonFlight fangs your can buy the Seals of the Brave coffers (3 fangs).

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Scourge Warlock mod14 – Fury and Temptation

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Sep 262018





Scourge Warlock mod14 – Fury and Temptation

@Copyright Charisma’ Warlock Compedium

This is article of Charisma little modified and condensed. Some personnal choices. For the original post please consult the link in @Copyright.


Your race choice is very important in Neverwinter.  Every race can play any class, but some races do certain classes much better than others!

Tieflings are the best choice right now.  The extra % damage buff when targets are below 50% synergies well with the rest of our kit and the ability scores line up perfectly.

Dragonborns are also a solid option because of their additional 3% power and critical strike.  This works really well for obvious reasons as a dps.

Humans aren’t bad still, and a better option than many if you can’t stand tails or scales.  The extra feats are a good bonus and the reduced damage helps keep us alive to siphon more souls!

Ability Scores:

When leveling, put all of your new score points into Constitution and Charisma.

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Neverwinter Ravenloft Preview: Hunts of Barovia – Uncesored

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Sep 252018

Neverwinter Ravenloft Preview: Hunts of Barovia

@Copyright Uncesored

As part of our extensive preview of Neverwinter’s Module 14: Ravenloft, I’m going over the new Hunts of Barovia in this article. Yes guys, the Hunts feature is back! But before you close the page because you’ve seen enough of the system’s RNG craziness in Mods 12 and 13, just know that Hunts in Ravenloft received some substantial changes that, depending what you didn’t like, might make it a little bit more appealing to you. First things first though. This article builds on what we already know about Hunts in earlier mods. If you’re a new player, you want to look up our previews for Tombs of Annihilation and Lost City of Omu. Otherwise some stuff might be hard to understand.

More on Ravenloft!
Want all the latest on the new Ravenloft update? Click here for the full coverage!

InsaneS – stronghold – initial building infrastructure proposal

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Sep 012018

For our Guild Boons Structure in 2016:

1. WIKI information


Stronghold boons work differently than other boons. Stronghold Boons are separated into 4 categories: Offense, Defense, Utility, and PvP, and you may only have one boon from each category active a time.

To be able to activate Stronghold boons, Boon Structures must be built. Higher ranks of the corresponding structures give larger benefits from the boons. Any member of the Stronghold’s guild may activate any boon that has been unlocked.


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Grilka’s Scourge Warlock Mod 14 Build

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Aug 262018









Grilka’s Scourge Warlock Mod 14 Build

Scourge Warlock Guide

The Scourge Warlock was the first character I made on Neverwinter, and it’s by far my favorite class. I recommend Tiefling as your race, but Human is a viable alternative.


My build is focused on High Crit, at least 80% armor pen when procced, and Lifesteal. My Weapon Enchantment is the Dread, and my Armor Enchantment is Soulforged. The Feytouched is another great choice for your weapon. My Primary Artifact switches between the Lantern of Revelation and the Soulsight Crystal.

Neverwinter – Mysterious Merchant

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Sep 252017

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Mysterious Merchant


The mysterious merchant brings an ever-changing selection of wares from far and wide.

The Mysterious Merchant is a Temporary Stronghold structure that sells various random Decorations and Equipment . It has only one rank, and lasts 1 week.

Mysterious Merchant can be built at any of the four Millabout Marketplace plots outside the Northwest entrance to the Stronghold

Astral Diamond Chests
600 400 80,000



The goods sold at the Mysterious Merchant are random and change every time it is built. [Scenes of the Sword Coast] is for sale every time along with 1 random portrait, 1 random banner, and 2 random pieces of equipment. Possible items for sale include:

Item Cost
[Scenes of the Sword Coast] 1,500Guild Marks
[Portait of a Noble] 3,500Guild Marks
[Portait of a Scholar] 3,500Guild Marks
[Portait of a Tiefling] 5,500Guild Marks
[Portait of a Necromancer] 2,500Guild Marks
[Portait of a Merchant] 2,500Guild Marks
[Protector’s Swallowtail] 3,500Guild Marks
[Royal Lion’s Swallowtail] 3,500Guild Marks
[Protector’s Standard] 1,500Guild Marks
[Brother Ein’s Armlets] 20,000Guild Marks
[Brutal Raider’s Shirt] 20,000Guild Marks
[Cannibal Lebuth’s Headpiece] 20,000Guild Marks
[Duelist’s Riposte Cap] 20,000Guild Marks
[Executioner’s Black Attire] 30,000Guild Marks
[Guise of the Wolf Clan] 20,000Guild Marks
[Gladiator’s Feted Greaves] 20,000Guild Marks
[Happy’s Walking Boots] 20,000Guild Marks
[Jerkin of Lord Roy] 30,000Guild Marks
[Sandy Assault Pants] 20,000Guild Marks
[The Last Warden’s Breeches] 20,000Guild Marks
[The Magic Lord’s Surcoat] 30,000Guild Marks
[Weathered Hydra Boots] 20,000Guild Marks
[Wisley’s Dreaded Dueling Wristguards] 20,000Guild Marks

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Neverwinter – New refinement system upcoming

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Sep 012017

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Feedback Thread: Refining Refinement

noworries#8859 noworries Posts: 70Member Cryptic Developer

Alright everybody, we have a big topic for you all today as we have put a lot of work into the refinement system for the upcoming update. There is a lot to cover here so I will try to organize it and put it in the best order I can. We will have additional threads to help focus parts of the discussion as one thread could easily get overwhelmed with all of the feedback.

Here we go!

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Neverwinter – Great Protector Set/Stat

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Aug 232017

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Great Protector Set/Stat

 Note: this Great Protector Set is composed of :
Cragmire Artifact => one of 3 Artifacts – Lanterne of Revelation, Waters of Elah’zad, Aurora’s Whole Realms Catalogue (obtain with Quest : Artifact Facts or in AH)
Greater Waist Artifact => one of Artifact belts specified here in after – Greater Twined Rope of Dexterity, … and so on (lockbox or in AH)
Cloack of the Protector => for the main Cloack of the set (lockbox or in AH)
With 3 pieces you obtain set statistics.

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Neverwinter – Class

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Aug 192017

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A character class is a primary definition of what can the player character do in the Neverwinter. It originates from an origin source and defines what roles in combat will the character play. It also specifies the skills of the Player Character.

Classes rely on various power sources: Arcane (magic), Divine (power from a deity), Martial (one’s own physical prowess) or Primal (power from nature spirits).

Every class has a defined primary role, and some have a secondary role: depending on class, a player character may have one of the four roles as its Primary role – though it will not stop the Player Character to chose a secondary or tertiary role.


Defenders take a lot of damage, mark targets and protect the rest of the party. If enemies they target try to attack another member of the party the defender will attack to stun, damage or taunt enemies to protect their companions.
Leaders are healers, buffers and debuffers. Their powers support the party’s success either by healing damage taken, preventing damage from being taken or increasing the damage enemies take.
Controllers influence fights by controlling either the field of battle or targets directly. Their role is to ensure threats are minimized or handled efficiently.
Strikers specialize in mobility and damage output. These combatants focus on disposing threats as quickly as possible by doing as much damage as they can, as quickly as they can, without enemies retaliating.

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